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How to get Alexa Chung’s Hair Using Hair Extensions


How to get Alexa Chung's Hair Using Hair ExtensionsWhen it comes to hair crushes, this IT girl always makes the list. Today, we’re sharing how to get Alexa Chung’s hair using hair extensions.

Which Length Hair Extensions For Alexa Chung's Hair

Whenever we get together with bloggers and ask about their hair icons, we always find Alexa’s name cropping up and it’s no surprise, you can see her influence everywhere! Alexa’s signature shaggy lob has become the hot haircut of choice with several bloggers and celebrities adopting the look as well. The HK Full Head set in 12-14” is perfect for getting this slightly longer length cut and provides just enough volume and thickness to blend with finer strands like Alexa’s without looking fake.

Which Shade Hair Extensions For Alexa Chung's Hair

So, you’ve got your length and set combo figured out, now what about shade? Alexa is probably most famous for her subtle ombre locks which make a great match for our HK Ombre Kit in the shade New York Editorial. If you love Alexa without the ombre – go for a regular HK set in the shade Sweetie, Darling which is a brunette with some gorgeous, subtle blonde highlights.

Getting Alexa Chung’s hair wouldn’t be complete without a set of dreamy, always perfect bangs. If you already have bangs, then you can ditch this step. If you desperately want a shaggy fringe like the fashion icon, the Bobby Glam Clip-In Bangs are the perfect, no-commitment option for you. The bangs come slightly longer so, whether you want Alexa’s gringe, full fringe or peekaboo style, the bangs can be snipped to match up to your desired Alexa look.

How to Style Hair Extensions Like Alexa Chung

The final step in how to get Alexa Chung’s hair using hair extensions is to style them. We adore Alexa’s ‘just rolled out of bed’ style but you definitely shouldn’t be sleeping in your extensions! Getting Alexa’s hairstyle has never been simpler now that the GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand exists. You can choose to curl your whole head or just do random pieces for a more casual vibe but it’s important to be sure to alternate between going towards the face and away from the face for a more relaxed look. Once you’ve finished curling however much hair you’re going to style. Use your fingers to muss up the curls to create an extra messy finish.

And there you have it! The perfect casual, effortless, relaxed hairdo is no longer a dream with our guide on how to get Alexa Chung’s hair using hair extensions!

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