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How Disney gave us unrealistic hair expectations


Unrealistic hair Expectations

Ahhh Disney Princesses! : ) We never quite grow out of our obsession with all things Disney, especially when it comes to hair but there comes a point when we start to realise that we’;ve been set up to fail! We can get some uh-may-zing looks with our Dirty Looks hair extensions…. But are we aiming too high because of what our cartoon heroins seem to achieve so easily? Let’;s take a look at this…

We dreamed of hair like this right?

sleeping beauty hair

And we expect to wake up in the morning looking like this:

cinderella hair

But in reality:

Morning sunshine morning hair

We can never get our ponytails this big:

Meg from Hercules Ponytail

Pretty Close though : )

Clip in ponytail

We expect our hair to look this good when we go swimming:

Ariel Mermaid Hair


Hardly mermaid hair

Why isn’;t our hair this thick?!

Princess Jasmine Hair

This is how we expect to look on a gusty day:

pocahontas hair

Nope, we don’;t expect the weather to affect us at all:

Belle's hair



And it turns out a messy bun is just that, messy. It will never glow like Tink’;s!! WTF?

Tinkerbell hair

Ever decided to dye your hair beautifully black like Esmerelda?

Esmerelda hair

But end up looking like this?

Marilyn Manson hair FML

At least Disney have been more realistic in recent years:

Rapunzel hair


We can but try : ) Dirty Looks Hair Extensions will get you pretty close.

Who’;s your Disney hair icon? And how close have you got to getting the look?

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