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Hair Talk – Olivia From ‘Olivia Erica Ryan xo’


Hair Talk - Olivia From Olivia Erica Ryan xo

Up next in our ‘Hair Talk’; series is the lovely Olivia, who writes at ‘Olivia Erica Ryan xo’;. We cornered this cutie to ask her all about how she keeps her hair looking so amazing!

Keep reading to find out what Olivia had to say!

Talk us through your everyday haircare routine

When it comes to washing, I wash my hair usually with Aussie products, they work so well
with my hair and make it smell and feel absolutely lush! I then blow dry my hair after using
the GHD volume foam, GHD heat protecting spray and Garnier’;s Ultimate Blends The Sleek
Perfector Oil. After that (because my hair is a bit of a frizzy mess) I’;ll straighten my hair
and put it up in a bun for an hour or so to let it calm down to an easy to style state. I wash
my hair every other day, so if I’;m going a day without washing it I’;ll just use some Batiste
dry shampoo and the Garnier’;s Ultimate Blends The Sleek Perfector Oil at the bottom of
my hair to make the ends look a little less dry

Tell us some of your favourite quick and easy hairstyles

I’;m obsessed with having two basic, messy braids at the moment! I always pull strands out to make it look even more effortless and I also love a high ponytail and messy top knots!

If you could only take 3 of your hair holy grails to a desert island, which products would you choose?

A Tangle Teezer, dry shampoo and hair oil. No doubt about it.

Are you a styling fiend or more wash and go?

I’;m a bit of a styling fiend as my hair is quite like Hermione’;s in the early Harry Potter
films… I like to tame it and then make it as big or as curly as I want to. I don’;t think my
natural hair suits me! I’;m definitely not someone who can work a bed head look either,
which makes me very jealous of those who can.

Would you ever be tempted to have a SUPER dramatic hair makeover? Or have you ever done it and did you have serious hair regret afterwards?

I’;ve had a very wild hair past! From black to bright red to silver, I’;ve definitely had my fair
share of dramatic makeovers. I sometimes have the urge to cut my hair to shoulder length
or get it to a Cara Delevingne style colour, but I’;d have to have a major think before I
decided to make any changes.

What’s the best hair compliment you’ve ever received?

A customer at work once simply asked me if my hair was real because it looked so full and
shiny, like extensions! That made me quite a happy camper.

What style do you think has had its day and needs to be retired?

I’;m a little tired of seeing super ombred hair, I think a subtle ombre (only a couple of
shades lighter) looks fine but I’;m not too amazed when I see a dark brown to yellow blonde
combination anymore!

What is your top tip for healthy tresses?

Conditioning treatments, serums and oils will change your life! Definitely invest in some.

Have you ever been told any hair wisdom that has stuck with you through

I think I’;ve just remembered what hairdressers have told me about general hair care,
making sure not to damage it too much with colour or heat, always protect it and try to
maintain it as well as possible with good products.

Who is your ULTIMATE hair crush and why?

I’ve always been obsessed with Leighton Meester’s hair as Blair Waldorf, I love the
colour she’s had over the seasons of Gossip Girl and the styling of her hair is
absolutely beautiful and suits Leighton so much! Season one of Gossip Girl was
definitely the best time for hair for Blair, she looked amazing!

Thanks for chatting Olivia – we think your hair is totally gorge so we’;ll definitely be following your tips! Don’;t forget to check out Olivia over at ‘Olivia Erica Ryan xo’; or @oliviaericaryan

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