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Hair Talk – Emily From ‘Mermaid Gossip’


Hair Talk Emily Mermaid Gossip Fashion BlogWe are obsessed with Emily from ‘Mermaid Gossip’; and her pastel pink hair so we caught up with her to find out the secrets to her gorgeous locks.

Talk us through your everyday hair care routine

I definitely don’;t have a ‘daily’; routine. Since I work from home, it’s more often shoved up in a bun on top of my head. I only brush & wash my hair once a week, it’s really thick and getting pretty long now so it’s a big old job to style it, hence why I limit it to once a week.

Tell us some of your favourite quick and easy hairstyles

Due to only washing my hair once a week, on about day 3/4 it’s usually getting pretty ratty so my fav style is to pop it up in a slightly skewif top not. I like that because it still shows the colour and length off. On day 5/6 when it’s almost turned itself in to dreadlocks then I go for the large scruffy bun on top of my head – and usually add a head scarf/wrap.

If you could take 3 of your hair holy grails to a desert island – which products would you pick?

It would absolutely be a Crown and Glory flower crown, I am seriously obsessed and flower crown makes any style look better. I would have to take a large bottle of pre mixed diluted hair dye/conditioner so that I can top up my colour and condition my hair in one (I guess that’s kind of 2 things in 1 so I am cheating!) I would also take a simple hair bobble.

Would you ever be tempted to have a SUPER dramatic hair makeover? Or have you ever done it and did you have serious hair regret afterwards?

Every now and then I am tempted to dye my hair dark brown/black again…. and one day when I finish being pink that’s the direction I will end up going. But I know once I go black there’s no going back (no pun intended) so I know I have to be super sure. And I love my pink for now. Once I had my hair cut in to a bob and I cried so much I hated it! I have an irrational fear of hairdressers actually, I have been stung many times in the past!

What’s the best hair compliment you’ve ever received?

Having pink hair, I do get a lot of compliments (along with some strange looks!) but the best compliment I ever had was from a little girl when I was shopping in Sainsbury’s. I had my hair super candy pink at the time, and I was going through a crimped phase (bringing back the 90s) and the little girl tugged on the bottom of my dress (which had trolls all over it!) and she looked up at me and in the cutest voice said “I think you are the most beautiful girl in the whole world” my heart melted!!

What style do you think has had its day and needs to be retired?

I don’t think any style should be retired to be honest. I think anyone should be able to rock which ever style they want regardless of whether it is in fashion or not. That’s the beauty of hair, you can do so many things, the possibilities are endless.

What is your top tip for healthy tresses?

I’m probably not the best person to give advice on healthy hair, I don’t have the best track record. I once put 5 peroxide bleaches on my hair to go from black to blonde in the space of a weekend, needless to say it went pretty orange and like chewing gum. Took me years to get over that mistake. So I could tell you what not to do! But these days, I only wash my hair once a week, because I use a vegetable dyes mixed with conditioner, my hair gets a good condition quite of8. I do also try to limit my use of heat on my hair too.

Have you ever been told any hair wisdom that has stuck with you through life?

Nope, but I wish someone had!

Who is your ULTIMATE hair crush and why?

Oh that’s a tough question, my instagram feed is full of babes with AMAZING hair, I am always lusting over different colours. I love how vibrant The Dainty Squid’s hair is, and how perfectly she manages to change her colours so frequently! I also love the length of Briar Rose, I am trying to grow mine down to hip length!

Thanks for chatting Emily! Be sure to go and check out Mermaid Gossip for more of Emily and her gorgeous hair. Loving pastel pink hair? You can get Emily’;s look using Renbow Crazy Colour and our Oh My Gwen Stefani hair extensions!

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