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Hair Hacks Backstage Styling Tricks from Dirty Looks

Brace yo’;selves for some serious hair wisdom from those in the know. The Dirty Looks team have compiled a list of need to know hair hacks!

LONG PONY TRICK: Make your ponytail seem much longer with this sneaky hidden under-pony. No one will ever know. This look worn by the likes of  Cheryl FV and Ariana Grande is a must know trick for those pony-tail kind of days.

Long Ponytail Trick

SNOOZE TRICK: Worried about abusing your snooze button AGAIN tomorrow morning? If you want to go that extra day without washing your hair then use your dry shampoo before going to bed… This way the shampoo can make it’;s way in to your cuticles while you’;re blissfully sleeping and you know you won’;t risk grey granny hues that can come from a fresh application of dry shampoo.

while you are sleeping use dry shampoo

BOBBY HACK: Spray your bobby pins with hair spray or dry shampoo before using them in your hair… This genius tip will help keep those slippery lil Bobbies perfectly in place… You’;re welcome ; )

No More Slippery Bobbies

LAZY GIRL CURLS: Not much a styling fiend? If you want effortless looking curls but find that trying to style your hair is just too much hassle, then try putting your hair in to a high ponytail and split in to about 4 sections to curl with your curling iron. Take out the ponytail and discover loose, easy-peasy curls.

Lazy Curling

BIG PONY TRICK: Use a small claw grip underneath your ponytail to make it a monster-tail. This gives a simple look a massive dose of sex appeal.

Big Ponytail Trick

EASY CRIMPY WAVES: Use your straighteners to create loose curls, waves and even crimps! Run your flat iron over various sizes of plaits and braids to create different wavy looks.

crimping with straighteners hair hack

PREEMPTIVE HAIRSPRAY:  Hair-spray your hands and run hands through your hair before styling rather than spraying through the hair causing it to go stiff.

FAUX BOB: Create a gorgeous wavy bob (wob) without cutting your hair by rolling, tucking and pinning hair up. Check out our wob tutorial.


DON’;T FORGET YOUR TOOTHBRUSH: Use a toothbrush as a teeny tiny back coming brush for targeting the very base of the root.

ENHANCE YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY: Get yourself a gorgeous set of HK extensions. The best hair hack ever!

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