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Gringes Grown Out Fringes

Leave it to George Northwood to create yet another hair trend which we need to get on board with. Ladies, let us introduce you to gringes – the bangs which will completely change your hair.

Not too sure what a gringe is exactly? We don’t blame you! Basically, gringe is just a fancy, cool-kid word for grown out fringe. Rachel McAdams, Jennifer Lopez and the queen of cool, Alexa Chung have all been spotted wearing their gringes with pride and if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us.

Gringes are what we would define as in-between bangs, bangs which haven’t quite grown out but require a Justin Bieber-esque hair flick to get them out of your face. The beauty of the gringe is that it still helps to frame your face but requires much less maintenance than an actual fringe. They’re also perfect for hiding breakouts and tired eyes and are ideal for girls who’ve gotten a little tweezer happy with their eyebrows or are trying to grow theirs to Cara Delevingne status.

Celebrity Gringes - Celebrities with Grown Out Fringes

Don’t have a fringe but forever tempted to go for one? Try out a slightly longer, gringe style first as it’s the perfect way of giving bangs a trial run before going for the commitment. You can get the gringe style in a completely faux way by using the Bobby Glam Clip-In Bangs which are slightly longer on the outer edges.

But wait, aren’t we supposed to dread the growing-out bangs fiasco? Not with the gringe! You can part your growing bangs in the middle for a retro peekaboo effect or sweep to the side and pin for sexy, sultry locks.

Stop the battle with your growing out bangs and wear your gringes with pride ladies! You’re in good company with these stylish celebs.

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