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Flashback – TLC’s Hair



So, we’re reminiscing more than TLC’s hair nowadays. Why? Well, why not? We have so much love for this girl band and simply HAVE to spend homage to their eccentric and out thurr huurrr.

T-Boz, Chilli and Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes we’re never ever afraid to experiment with their hair as properly as their fashion choices which is a single of the a lot of causes why we have such big enjoy for them. (Obv their music is another reason!). We also adore how TLC colour coordinated their hair with their makeup and outfit options, as well! Sooo 90’s.

TLC Colour Chameleons

Back in the day, TLC’s hair was the epitome of 90’s hair trends. Twists, curls, buns, bright colors and almost everything else in in between. When we very first laid eyes on TLC, Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes was a fan of twists and buns, typically worn in substantial pigtails with hair left down underneath. Chilli opted for a far more classic vibe, with long, thick dark hair which we obv adored. T-Boz went all out with pink hair styled in twists and curls. Oh we miss these days!

TLC's Hair The Trio

TLC had been known for their sometimes, outrageous outfits and hairstyles to match. But we loved seeing what they would be wearing following, and how their how would be styled for their performances. Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes in no way disappointed us, her hair was usually the centre of attention. Can we just get a minute to value the 3 hair cones she is rocking? She is fairly a lot the only man or woman who could get away with that hair do’, don’tcha believe? T-Boz usually kept her hair fairly brief and sassy, but kept it updated by altering the shade whereas Chill stuck to what she knew worked very best for her, dark hair worn both curly or straight.

TLC'S Hair Attitude

A single of our favourite looks on TLC would have to be from their music video for ‘Unpretty’.  We really like how the ladies toned down their appear for this but nevertheless kept their special fashion. Lisa ‘Left Eye’; Lopes had a cute bob with flash of red all through her dark brown hair, T-Boz opted for a stunning golden blonde shade worn in cornrow braids and into a higher ponytail (really like) and Chilli stored it simple by including braids during her curly, dark locks. We completely loved this appear on TLC, so a lot so, that we’;re going to fashion our hair into pigtails, braids and buns, this very 2nd!

TLC'S Hair, anything but, unpretty

Now gals, how much are you missing TLC? What was your fave TLC hairstyle?

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