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five Need to KNOW Hair Extension Tricks


5 Must Know Hair Extension Tricks

Do you ever wonder why some women hair extensions search super fake whilst with others you cannot even discover they are wearing them? It’s all in the way you dress in them, gals. These days we’re producing confident you’re in the know and offering you 5 have to know hair extensions tricks.

Let’s commence with fitting your hair extensions then, shall we. We all begin fitting our hair extensions at the nape of our neck and some of us have lengthy hair previously even so most of us put on longer hair extensions, which means we can see the brief bits of our personal hair peeping out at the bottom. To cease these pesky small bits from generating an visual appeal, ahead of fitting your weft, area off your hair at the bottom and swirl this about your finger and pin into place with some bobby pins. Then all you merely need to have to do is clip your weft on top!

5 Must Know Hair Extension Tricks

Do you have super fine hair and locate that your hair extensions seem to be slipping out throughout the day? If so, backcombing is a need to. This will give your hair extensions a useful boost of texture to hang on to! Backcombing is super effortless also. All you require to do is grab a backcombing brush and gently tease your roots. Add a spritz of hairspray for additional grip and then you are prepared to match your hair extensions. Also, if you want additional increase and texture, be sure to use a volumizing powder – our fave is Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixations Sugar Dust. Use this ahead of backcombing your roots and even bigger lift! Backcombing not only gives additional grip and texture but it also helps disguise clips and the line of the wefts, also! So, for that extra volume (and coverage) you need to have to cover your clips, all you want to do is backcomb the underneath of the prime layer of your hair.

5 Must Know Hair Extension Tricks

When fitting your hair extensions make sure you are clipping the extensions as near as achievable to each other. This will depart you with a seamless finish and if you have short hair, it will end the shorter hairs from peeping out in between the wefts, as well!

5 Must Know Hair Extension Tricks

So if you have short hair and/or layers you could be discovering it a little challenging to make the extensions look all-natural all around your face. To make the hair extensions appear more normal, clip the wefts on an angle when fitting them. This will soften up your appear, generating the extensions appear a lot a lot more normal. Remember to tilt your wefts back when fitting them alternatively of clipping these in super straight. This will give you a far more feathered and less blunt appear. Effortless!

5 Must Know Hair Extension Tricks

Lastly, it is all about blending! To perfectly mix your hair and your hair extensions it is worthwhile to straighten your personal hair in to the hair extensions. So as soon as you have fitted your hair extensions, straighten your hair and hair extensions together. When this has been accomplished leave your hair to amazing for about 5 to 10 minutes then you are prepared to fashion as you wish, curls, waves and so forth. Whatever style you decide on this is the ultimate hair extension trick and you’ll soon see your hair extensions blend seamlessly into your own hair for a beautiful organic finish.

5 Must Know Hair Extension Tricks

Hair extensions? What hair extensions!? We’re fairly sure no 1 will even notice you are sporting them with these should know tricks!

5 Must Know Hair Extension Tricks

Do you have any other hair extensions tricks your swear by? We’d adore to hear them!

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