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Emilia Clarke’s Hair



We have been crushing hard on Emilia Clarke’;s hair for some time now, you probably know her best as Daenerys from Game of Thrones, right!? Anyhow, we love Emilia/Daenerys’ hair all the same, and here’s why…

When Emilia isn’t playing Daenerys in the Game of Thrones, her hair is kept in a subtle light brown shade which is a far cry from the usual platinum shade we are used to seeing. Emilia Clarke tends to style her luscious locks super sleek and chic for an effortless and glamorous do’ and we love this look on her. We think she looks totally different!


One thing we love about Emilia is that she isn’t afraid to try new hairstyles, she is always impressing us with her perfected up do’s. From high ponytails to faux bobs, Emilia gets it right! Although these hairstyles look a little tricky to do, they are actually really simple hairstyles and super easy to recreate. Check out these blogs to help you on your way to achieving uh-mazing up do’s.


Emilia Clarke also appears to be a fan of wobs and bobs, too! We have seen her a few times creating faux wobs and bobs which she has achieved from intricate and clever clipping of her long locks. This may appear like it’s way too hard for us to even attempt, but it’s much easier than it looks. Check out this tutorial to see for yourself!


Now, this is is what we’re used to seeing. Daenerys from the Game of Thrones, we all love her, but we love, love, love her for her ah-mazing hairstyles. From soft waves to intricate and eye catching braids, Daenerys rocks it all. We are also biiiig fans of her platinum hair shade and if you are too, you need to grab yourself some hair extensions in Oh My Gwen Stefani and apply some toner and voila, Daenerys’ hair is yours for the taking!


Who has your fave hairstyle then gals, Emilia Clarke or Daenerys?

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