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Eleanor Tomlinson’s Hair


Eleanor Tomlinson's HairAidan Turner wasn’t the only thing worth watching in ‘Poldark’, Eleanor Tomlinson’s hair is just as drool-worthy and much more attainable!

You may not have heard of Eleanor Tomlinson yet but 2015 looks to be a big year for this starlet.

Eleanor Tomlinson - Brunette or Red Head?

She first hit the spotlight in ‘Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging’ (talk about nostalgic! Who else loved this movie?), and followed up with a leading role in ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’. Around the time of her big break, Eleanor was sporting this sultry brunette hue. Although we think this shade is super flattering and pretty on Eleanor’s fair skin, it just doesn’t wow us…her auburn hair on the other hand? Wow! We think this colour is so striking on Eleanor and we always love seeing actress’ stand out amongst a sea of Hollywood blondes.

Poldark Demelza Curls Hair

If Aidan Turner was the only person you paid attention to in ‘Poldark’ then you’ve sorely missed out on Eleanor’s gorgeous locks. Her character, Demelza, wears her hair in these spiral curls which are kept wild and free to match her personality but it’s that flame hue again, which we just can’t get enough of!

Eleanor Tomlinson Red Carpet Star

Eleanor has been known to adopt this sort of style on the red carpet as well, with plenty of loose and textured romantic updo’s and loose, messy curls which we think are ideal for a modern Demelza style.

She might not be a household name quite yet, but there’s big things on the horizon for Eleanor in the future. We’re already looking forward to the second season of ‘Poldark’ which means we’ll get to dreamily gaze at her locks some more!

What do you think of Eleanor Tomlinson’s hair?

P.S. Since we mentioned him, it would be cruel of us to not include some gratuitous pictures of Aidan Turner, no? Here you go ladies…swoon away!

Swoon Aidan Turner Swoon

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