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eight Approaches to Make your Hair Colour Last Longer


If you’re like me, you adore going to the hair salon. There are no children asking for you to wipe their bottoms or fighting with their brothers. Just beautiful smells, freshly washed hair (that you did not have to do by yourself!), and maybe even a scalp massage. It is heavenly. Nevertheless, it is also expensive. As considerably as we’d like to, we can’t be up in the salon every 4 weeks on the regular. Or at least I can’t. That is why I have come up with 8 tips to make your hair color final longer and go longer in in between hair appointments!

ways to make your hair color last longer

They aren’t mind blowing ideas, but if you add them all collectively you just may well add a week or two amongst appointments! Not to mention I believe your hair will be feeling all the far more fantastic for it.

Wash less regularly.

Yes, I know, it may possibly sound gross, but it’s actually much better for your hair! If you wash your hair two instances a week you are cutting down the volume of time you are roughing up your hair with shampoos, conditioners, product and even heat. If you have relatively greasy hair and the considered of two occasions a week makes you sick to the abdomen, I’ve acquired some tips for you.

  • Create a program. Wash Monday and dry and design nicely. Tuesday half-up or bangs out of your encounter (so you want maintain touching your hair and acquiring it dirtier!) Wednesday include some braids and Thursday rock a slicked back bun. No one particular has to know that the ‘slick’ portion is grease!
    :) Wash yet again Friday and repeat.
  • Quit playing with your hair. The far more you touch it, the greasier it gets!
  • Invest in some great quality dry shampoo. Big Sexy Hair is my absolute favored! I have a entire publish on how to use dry shampoo right here.

Prep Your Hair

About a week just before you head to the salon, deep situation with some thing like this one particular from Ulta to prep to for the colour. It will be it’s healthiest before applying the shade, get it far better and assist it final longer.

Deep problem

You can do this with some homemade concoctions like coconut oil and some vital oils, or acquire a excellent deep conditioning treatment method. It will nourish your hair and limit the split ends as a result retaining you out of the salon longer!

Cold Water

This is a toughie and I’ll admit that I do not constantly do it. But if you can stand it, rinse your hair in the shower with cold water. If you’re like me and you just can’t deliver yourself to switch the water to cold, at the extremely least, go for luke warm. You can try to stand back away from the stream and just stick your hair in the awesome water, it’s a lot much more doable even though nevertheless tough!

Touch up your very own color

Obtaining your color completed at the salon can be the most pricey element. If you follow this record you’re previously on your way to making your hair shade final longer. However, you can also buy and combine your own colour and do it at residence. I often do my personal hair color at house and it saves me at least $ thirty-$ 50 each time. I buy my hair color from Madison Reed in Trieste Red and it is delivered to my house every single 6 weeks. I touch up the roots myself and bam – fresh color for $ 30!

Have a Root Touch up Kit on Hand

make your hair color last longer with root touch ups!

These are wonderful, I need to admit. I do not have any grey hair however and I’m still stoked about it. It is fundamentally a powder cover up for your roots. Whether you have greys or not, you can still lengthen the time among colors by just applying this as essential! You can find the little compact one particular shown above at Madison Reed. For women with grey hair it is a need to have! You generally just brush on the item exactly where your roots or grey is exhibiting and it will temporarily cover up your roots! I feel each and every lady need to have this on hand because let’s be actual – who has time to always keep their roots seeking flawlessly touched up? Effectively, now you can!

Try a Gloss or Glaze

An additional genius merchandise. On the John Frieda product webpage it says that is has “mild dyes and shine boosters to improve the depth and vitality of your hair colour. Hair is left total of shine with a fresh from the salon appear. Not long lasting hair shade. Will not lift or lighten hair shade. Ammonia and peroxide-cost-free.” I personally haven’t experimented with this one particular but it comes hugely suggested so I know I need to have to give it a try. The one I linked to above is brunette but they have a clear or even a color refreshing gloss. Keep that hair color seeking vibrant! Madison Reed also came out with a comparable solution that seems to be really a bit more healthy. They have 8 colours which includes a gloss. I genuinely want to consider this one!

 Avoid also Significantly Sun Exposure

I know it looks like winter and you shouldn’t have to be concerned about this one, but we must still be careful! Just due to the fact it’s cold outside does not imply the sun isn’t undertaking it is thang! Try out hats or beenies to cover up when it’s cold but sunny. Another great way is to try Redken Color Extend Sun Set Shampoo and Solar Display SPF 12
 before you head out. Spritz a bit on your roots and in excess of your hair for protection. It is a tad expensive but if it’s helping you constantly extend the time between colours than it could be conserving you money!

There you have it! I bet if you combined these 8 ideas to make your hair colour last longer you could conserve a bunch of funds this next 12 months by going longer among hair colour appointments! Any other ideas you might add? I’d love to hear them!

*This is not a sponsored post but there are a number of affiliate back links in there. If you click on the website link and purchase a solution I may well get a cut although the cost always stays the exact same for you. Thanks for supporting Ma Nouvelle Mode!!*

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