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Okay so you have your complete head set of clip in hair extensions BUT do you have the extra extras that make your hair extensions even better than they already are? We’re speaking capsule hair pieces that you neeeeeed to know about, babygals.

SO, you obv previously have your full head set of clip in hair extension but you fancy switching your hair up now and once again, the trouble is, you really do not want to dye your hair. So, what do I do? We hear you ask..

Have you heard of Bobby Glam Highlight and Blusher wefts? These minor beauties are the BOMB, for numerous causes. For instance, if the shade of your complete head set differs ever so somewhat to your all-natural hair and/or you have subtle highlights throughout your hair but do not want to dye your hair extensions then you can just opt for the Highlight and Blusher wefts. These ensure that shade match is as close as attainable to your hair. It also saves you the problem of dying (and re-dying) your hair! Yay!


Now do you have quick hair and/or lots of layers but Adore longer hair extensions? Do you discover at times you have a disconnection in between the extensions of your personal hair and the hair extensions? At times it could be a minor tricky to make these blend so if you’re getting a minor trouble undertaking this then Bobby Glam Layer Blending Wefts are a have to to add to your hair extensions collection. These will develop seamless layers and depart your hair looking laaavely.


Next, let’s introduce you to the HK Quad Weft, depending on what complete head set you have, if you have HK Full Head Set, you will already be acquainted with a quad weft. This minor saviour assists produce further thickness and volume to your total head set. You can even opt for an different shade to your full head set to include some highlights or lowlights by way of your hair. And if you are just searching to add thickness/volume to your natural hair then this is perfect for it. If you’re wanting to produce a full head set effect from the quad wefts then 3 or a lot more should suffice!

Capsule Hair Pieces 4 wefts in 1

If you are seeking to add each highlight and lowlights to your hair and.or just hunting to freshen up your hair extensions a little, the HK Single Wefts are a god send. They also arrive readily trimmed with wholesome ends and the very same finished length so that they can be worn straight away! (All of our hair extensions come readily trimmed too, btw! You’re welcome :))


So you have a full head set but desperately need an added further to make placing your hair up into a ponytail SUPER swift? You require to say hey to the Bobby Glam Clip In Ponytail appropriate away. No matter whether you want to include extra thickness to your ponytail or revamp your updo for a evening out, the wrap around ponytail will transform your seem in no time! You can also use hair extensions from your complete head set also for a super duper thick ponytail.


Now are you debating to reduce a bang into your hair but are also considerably of a scaredy cat for it? Us as well! That is why the Bobby Glam Clip In Bang is 1 of our go to hairpieces to modify up our appear in a matter of minutes, virtually! This is excellent for giving yourself a new search with no having to cut your hair. The clip in bang comes readily layered ready to be styled in to a bang that will suit you, this can also be trimmed to your preferred style.


Lastly, do you discover backcombing tedious and can’t assist but come to feel sad for the ache you are enduring on your hair? Well, allow the Patrick Cameron Authentic Crown Lift Pad end that. This tiny gem decreases the need for backcombing and offers instantaneous volume and height to your hair. Staff this with your hair extensions and you will have folks begging you to do their hair, just like yours.


So what capsule hair pieces do you require to add to your present collection, gals?

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