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BrowsSSOkay gals, let’s get correct to it, some brows I’ve observed could scar me for a lifetime. Beautiful golden locks, with black lines for eyebrows. WHY?! A person please tell me…

I'm gunna start screaming

In this tutorial I’m going to demonstrate you a step by stage tutorial for brows that are going to make you want to a publish a insta image with the hashtag #fleek. Who’s down? I know I am!

Ahead of going anyplace close to any items, the initial step is just seeking at your brows. You need to have to figure out what you want to change e.g. Are your brows too light? Want them to be fuller? Do you want a higher arch? Every lady (and guys – I’m not leaving you out!) looks for various factors in their brows. Brows that suit one person’;s face shape, will not suit another’s and that’s Okay!


Factors you are going to need (the items I use are in brackets):
An angled brush (Zoeva 317 Brush)
Pomade (Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Ebony)
Brow powder (Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder in Brunette)
Makeup Remover (Garnier Micellar Water)
Cotton Pads (Boots)
Concealer (MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear in NC20)
A concealer brush (Zoeva 226 Brush)

Appropriate, let’s get on with the tutorial, shall we?

  1. First, you require to map out your brows. With a very light hand draw a line from the middle of your brow to the finish with the pomade and angled brush. At this stage you can lengthen your brow if you come to feel you need to. Do not fear if you mess up, think of this stage as a draft, it can be corrected as we move on. Tip quantity one! You really do not require brows which are about 10 shades darker than your actual hair colour – I believe we’ve all been guilty of this at some point or yet another (guilty!). You want them as shut to your hair colour (give or consider a shade or two) as you potentially can.

  2. Now, you want to commence filling in your brow with the pomade. Tip quantity two! Begin at the finish, as tempted as you might be, remain away from the front – we’re going to come back to it! For a much more normal hunting brow, you want the tail of your brow to be the darkest. Tip number 3! If you are lacking brow hair, use extremely light, quick strokes with your angled brush to mimic hairs.

  3. As soon as you are pleased with your brow you can set it with from brow powder. I like this brow powder Anastasia Beverly Hills simply because it’s received a light and dark shade. Use the dark powder to lightly set your pomade, just use the very same quick strokes as when you were applying the pomade.

  4. Prior to I begin applying the lighter shade, I’m going to consider some makeup remover on a cotton pad and wipe the merchandise off my angled brush. Then just dry it off on a clean cotton pad.

  5. Lastly onto the most important component of your brow, the front! This is the make or break. Some individuals appear to find it essential to cake the merchandise on here for some reason. When really, the less product used right here, the greater. Consider the lighter shade from the brow powder and using the very same short strokes start doing work from the middle of your brow to the front. I like to depart the really front of my brows free of item for the greatest ‘Kylie Jenner’ ombre brow seem.

  6. Lastly, taking your concealer and concealer brush, you just want to clean up the edges. You want to brush the concealer along the the beneath of your brow for a sharp brow and ‘natural looking’ brow bone highlight.


And, voila! Now, rock a center or deep set side parting so that you can demonstrate off your new brows! If you are loving my curly hair as considerably as I am, I utilised the BaByliss Pro Titanium Expression Curling Wand. You better start taking some selfies and hashtagging #DTYLookers on inst, so I can see your fierce brows! Received requests for tutorials? Tweet me at @DTYLOOKS I’d really like to hear from you!


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