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Broad Braided Headband


I was fortunate to be performing this cute youthful women hair a number of weeks back and she was wonderful ample to allow me get photographs for a tutorial as we did her hair. Some of my favorite people are red heads! I really like a gorgeous good head of red hair. A lot like blonds you can truly see the hairstyle a tiny much better than you can in darker hair. This type is no exception. It just seems amazing on this small cutie.

This tutorial is for a broad headband. If you can do a broad eleven strand braid, excellent… will not. When you do the broad headband with an eleven strand or bigger braid you finish up with your commencing spot thin and your finishing side chunky and Huge and tough to hide. This tutorial is to show you an less difficult way to do this appear and finish it balanced on both sides so that the headband is balanced in the completed seem.

We started with clean, dry hair for this design. Brush by way of the hair to get any snarls out of the way. This minor gal has fantastic snarl free of charge hair, super hair to function with. Also let me note that this fashion has to be accomplished on longer hair like my model. It is not going to perform in short hair. You will see why as we finish the tutorial.

Your very first braid will be close to the perimeter closest to the forehead.I component out a part at the leading of the ears. Make confident you have sufficient hair to perform with for braiding. This will be diverse for thicker or thinner hair.

Start off your first braid, a dutch braid, across the head like a headband. If you begin on the proper side your second braid will commence from the opposite or left side. It will be thin to commence, but it will thicken up in the proper spots. Attempt to hold your braid as close to the front, forehead, as you can even though you braid.

Braid past the end ofter you run out of hair. That will not present at the end, but it will be nice to have to tuck more than your other braids.

Component out the up coming braid and safe the back hair out of the way. With this area I went behind the ear. You do not want to go significantly farther back than that spot. It stops seeking like a headband and begins seeking like a hat actual quickly, This is a headband.

Dutch braid starting on the opposite side you did for your other braid.

Now your hair ought to look like this. Two braids going opposite directions. We have accomplished this just before up to this point in past tutorials, but this is for a wide headband. And there in no better way to make that take place than to cover the elements in the middle and the back for your two dutch braids. Then it will look like a headband and not two braids.

from behind the ear get out a segment of hair to braid. I like to braid this standard braid with the hair directed (pulled) above the head so I never get a bump in the bottom of the braid.

This is a thin braid, so I puffed out some of the braid by pulling out the braids pancaking them just a small.

Then I did it to the dutch braid as well so that it all flows nicely once we put it all collectively.

Now with one particular side of the common braid pull it up and over to cover that middle portion. You will safe this with bobby-pins where ever it is necessary.

Consider the other braid from the other side and cover that back element line.

It need to look like this at this point. Now if you want to curl the hair this is a very good level prior to you anchor people braids under the back of the hair. We needed curly for what we had been carrying out.

Once you have curls or completed you back nonetheless you want you will just lift the hair underneath and safe individuals down braids with bobby-pins. This will make the braid search like it finishes as a headband…. and that was the objective!

And you are left with a super lovely wide headband that is balanced on both sides. This truly is the ideal way to make a broad headband hairstyle. Make certain non of your bobby-pins can be observed, but use them to your benefit to make positive this is tightly secured. Isn’;t she just one particular of the most beautiful girls! This is a single of my Beans really ideal close friends and we just adore her! Thanks for letting me do your hair Tiny Red.

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