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Braids for Extended Hair


Proper now I have truly, genuinely lengthy hair. It is receiving a small too lengthy for my liking. I may well lower it soon, so I needed to make positive that I shared some distinct braids for extended hair tips before I chop it. And by chop it, I just mean reasonably trimmed. I really don’;t think I’m prepared for a super brief haircut however! Despite the fact that, I’ve been pondering about it… Maybe summer?

Braids for Lengthy Hair

Different braids for long hair

It is tough to cater to everyone here in this planet of blogging and I know there are a great deal of you quick haired gals out there. Sorry! You could pin it for later in situation you ever increase your hair out! In the meantime, you can examine out these cute hairstyles for short hair. Then forward this to your prolonged-haired friends! I’m sure they’ll appreciate it!

Standard 3-strand braid

regular braid

Let’s begin straightforward, right? Pull all your hair to 1 side and just generate a lengthy, 3-strand braid. It is easy, it’s cute and it is made up of your hair. This a single is for every single lengthy-haired gal to have in their hair bag of tricks, it’ll come in useful!

Straightforward French Braid

Simple French braid for long hair

A typical French braid is also a really straightforward braid for prolonged hair. Oh and did you know that this “French” braid in France is just a regular braid? Consider explaining a French braid to a French person, that is when I figured it out! Anyway, just braid all your hair in excess of to 1 side and down including all the hair from the other side in the French braid. Here is a French braid tutorial here if you’d like to see it carried out.

Topsy Turvy ‘Braid’

topsy turvy braid for long hair

If you cannot braid, no problem! You have received to consider this one. You can see the picture tutorial here and it is integrated in this video tutorial here, but fundamentally you pull an 80’s move and topsy turvy a normal ponytail all the way down securing with modest elastics the entire way. Super simple and super cute with no additional skills essential!

Fishtail Braid

fishtail braid for long hair

If you’ve by no means experimented with a fishtail braid, you have got tot try out it. All you do is separate your hair into two sections and consider a piece from 1 area and cross it over to the other, then repeat on the other side. Then continue undertaking so until you are all the way at the end! Super easy, appropriate?!

Dutch Braid

dutch braid tutorial

Gotta enjoy a good Dutch braid! I wonder what they’re named in The Netherlands? And why do we contact them these names, anyone know? Both way, this is just a regular braid but pulling the pieces underneath not in excess of. Here is a video tutorial if you’d like to see how it is accomplished. Dutch braids can develop so numerous different, gorgeous hairstyles!

Double French Braid

double French braid for long hair

This braid for prolonged hair is truly super simple. French braid the front of your hair back to just behind the ear and then continue braiding all the way down. Secure with a little elastic or just a bobby pin if you really do not want to hold it. Begin a minor off to the side with your other braid and French braid until finally you have reached the place your front French braid stopped. Mix them by incorporating the front braid to the back braid as a section and braid all the way down.

4-strand braid

4 strand final

This one seems challenging, but it is actually not, promise! There is a image tutorial right here, but let me explain a small bit. Begin with all your hair to one side and separate into 4 sections. Then you are going to do relatively of a basket weave. With the farthest most strand, go more than, under, above until it becomes the inner most strand. Return to the (new) farthest most strand and repeat. Do this till you’ve hit the bottom! Voila, you have acquired fairly the intricate braid!

Milk Maid Braids

milk maid braids for long hair

If you have long hair, you have to consider this design. It gets your hair off your neck and is cute! Excellent appear for summer season. You just generate two regular braids down the back and safe with a modest (ideally unnoticeable) elastic. Take one braid and pull it up to your crown and secure with bobby pins. Repeat on the other side performing your greatest to cover elastics and bobby pins. Milk maid braids are easy!

There you have it, 8 distinct braids for long hair. Anything else you would add? I know there are a good deal of distinct combinations of all these, but these are basic braids for prolonged hair that anybody can do. Hope you take pleasure in!

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