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A Brief List of Ten of Our Favorites


Lately both Beans and I have been missing her long hair. This morning I caught her scrolling by means of some of our old images. She advised me she was ready to do these enjoyable variations once more. We have had so a lot enjoyable with her quick hair and we have a handful a lot more of brief hairstyles I actually require to get tutorials produced up for. But we are each ready to have it lengthy once again.

So for today I made the decision to pull collectively some of the designs we are missing most. Beans was specifically longing for sporting her hair in buns once more. I was leaning much more towards the reduced ponytail hairstyles. Both way we significantly have a great deal of excellent hairstyles. Up coming week I will pull together some of the short variations into a list like this.

As for a new post… it even now requirements to wait. But not much longer right up until I can get back to operate. I am possessing surgical treatment at the finish of this month after I finish all my Halloween costumes. LOL, yes that was a large priority. Then I will hopefully be back to having complete use of my hands once more.

A single we each agree is super cute is our Huge Flower Bun.

Large Gorgeous Braid Bun makes the top of our listing for favorites. I feel Beans may miss these bows much more than anything.
Beans does tumbling a lot these days and she would adore to be sporting this one particular to the gym this is our Dancers Braid tutorial.
Drag Braid Headband, I have another tutorial that I require to include on to this one particular, but I will not really like presenting a new tutorial on a mannequin. This one particular is great!
Reduced Drag Braid into a Ponytail. This a single just is one of my all time favorites.
Beans took 1 look at the Braided Faux-Hawk Gorgeous Updo  and would have loved to select this one for college nowadays. This one particular genuinely is easy and super fabulous.
Figure Eight Braided Bun would be yet another good one particular for the health club.
I chose the Ladder Braid due to the fact I enjoy this, but its complex. I know this one hasn’;t been attempted too a lot… and I want more folks could do this 1.
Twisted Bun is just great. And there are so several variations that make this search even far more amazing that others have posted now. Is not getting all the hair bloggers out there so great?
Double Twists to a Reduced Ponytail produced my list since its a low ponytail. I inform ya… I miss the minimal ponytail appropriate now. This a single is 1 of my favorites. 

I guess you can call this our Throw-Back-Thursday. Reminiscing over old photo’;s of when Beans had long hair. We are ready for prolonged hair, but I even now have a few a lot more short hair tutorials that I need to have to share with you. So after I have this surgical treatment I hope it can be back to perform for Beans and me. 

Observe for a giveaway also in the up coming handful of days. I have just been pulling with each other a handful of issues to giveaway for our Facebook page obtaining in excess of 25,000 followers. THANK YOU!!!! 

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