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9 Easy Hairstyles for long Hair


With a longer mane, the chances of you performing different hair styles increases. With a longer hair, you can now experiment with a whole new range of hairstyles to see which one suits your face the most. However, even though many girls do sport a long hair, they are still not sure about the different techniques or hairstyles that can be used for a better you. Hence, we have noted down 9 of the easiest hair style variations for a long hair. You no longer have to sport a simple long locked hair. With these new trendy hairstyles bring out the inner diva in you.

The 3 tier pony:

easy hairstyles for long hair1

Boring ponytails are your only resort for a long warm sunny day out, but it’s time to change that. You can make better changes to your otherwise everyday hairstyle. Start by dividing your section into 3 sections and tie them in a pony. Now use the middle layer to loop it with the first layer and use the last layer to loop it with the middle layer.

The loose curls:

easy hairstyles for long hair2

If you are sporting a long enough hair and are tired of the same old straight hair you can always opt for some majestic curls to go with your every day look. You might want to use a curler to achieve these beautiful curls. The benefit of the curls is that you can sport loose waves as your hair style for a busy day.

The one stop bun:

easy hairstyles for long hair3

Making a bun is not difficult, especially if you know this handy trick to it. Turn your head upside down and roll all your hair on the front. Gather them all in your grasp and then start rolling them up as you twist the entire length of it. Once the entire hair is twisted, roll it up and secure it with a pin or a band.

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