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7 Deadly Hair Sins



We all commit the 6 deadly hair sins, but are you even conscious you’re carrying out so? Right here are the dreaded 6 sins which you ought to, from now on, refrain from undertaking…

  1. Thou shall not catch some z’s with thy hair extensions fitted.

  1. Thou shall not participate in fitness center routines with thy hair extensions.

  1. Thou shall not using heated styling tools on unprotected hair.

  1. Thou shall not depart hair extensions bundled in a heap on thy bedroom floor.

  1. Thou shall not brush thy hair extensions vigorously.

ariel-brushing-hair-gently- gif-7-deadly-hair-sins
  1. Thou shall not bleach thy hair extensions.

  1. Thou shall undoubtedly not lower thy hair extensions with the kitchen scissors.

If you commit any of the 6 deadly sins we feel it really is about time you stop doing so, as an alternative get care of those beautiful hair extensions of yours. So, do you have any other hair sins you’;d like to confess?

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