7 Asami Zdrenka Tattoos & Meanings &ndash Imaginative, Artistic &lsquoMust-See&rsquo Tats | Hairstyles


7 Asami Zdrenka Tattoos & Meanings &ndash Imaginative, Artistic &lsquoMust-See&rsquo Tats


Uncover Asami Zdrenka’s most recent Tattoos here. Talented Asami Zdrenka, vocalist with Neon Jungle, has 8 tattoos up to the recent time. Nonetheless, although she only started out the Asami Zdrenka tattoos collection in September 2013, she’s a quickly-worker and has previously racked up an extraordinary selection of interesting Asami Zdrenka tattoos!

Provided that 5 of Asami’s tattoos seem on her left hand and arm, it looks as if she’s properly on her way to receiving a beautiful, complete sleeve tattoo!

Asami Zdrenka tattoos – memories of a special father

Asami Zdrenka tattoos –Black outlined owl tattooAsami Zdrenka tattoos –Black outlined owl tattoo

Asami Zdrenka received her first tattoo from celebrity skin artist GabzInk in September 2013. It is a black outlined owl, surrounded by red roses on her upper left arm, and a lasting memento of the close relationship she had with her late father.

Here’s what Asami says about her initial tattoo:

I received the owl simply because my dad was covered in tattoos so I always have known I needed them too. He had an owl in his thigh and I loved it, and roses signify my household so he is always safeguarding us. So my tattoo is in memory of my dad!’

Asami Zdrenka tattoos – infinity symbol

Asami Zdrenka tattoos – matching infinity symbol shared with motherAsami Zdrenka tattoos – matching infinity symbol shared with mother

Asami Zdrenka tattoos have been just a day-dream until finally she passed her 18th birthday, and in her very own phrases:

         ‘Always had the ink bug . . . just did not want to do anything

         till I was 18 now I am going in!’

And it looks as if her mother is an additional skin-art fan! In October 2013, when Asami extra this interlinked ‘infinity’ symbol, her mother joined her with a matching tattoo -showing their enjoy for every single other is in no way-ending!

Upper arm Mandala half-sleeve

Upper arm Mandala half-sleeveUpper arm Mandala half-sleeve

In September 2014 tattoo artist, Alex Roze, beefed-up Asami’s upper arm tattoo, producing an extraordinary ‘dot-work’ design inspired by the Sanskrit mandala (an ancient magical circular pattern)! It’s a fabulous ‘half-sleeve’ search, making these red roses truly ‘jump out’!

Asami Zdrenka tattoos – Hamsa Hand

Asami Zdrenka tattoos – sophisticated Hamsa tattooAsami Zdrenka tattoos – sophisticated Hamsa tattoo

The beautiful black, design and style on Asami’s left forearm is a symbol recognized as the Hamsa or Hamsa Hand. It’s a Middle Eastern design with an abstract form made of geometric lines and flowing curves. The Hamsa is a quite ancient symbol typically believed to protect the wearer from evil!

It tends to make a extremely sophisticated ‘good-luck’ charm, that is also the most dramatic one of Asami Zdrenka tattoos.

Asami Zdrenka tattoos – shining sun and crescent-moon tattoo for ladies

Asami Zdrenka tattoos – sun and moon outlinesAsami Zdrenka tattoos – sun and moon outlines

The Hamsa and the sun and moon tattoos were carried out collectively in March 2014. Asami’s simple, sun and crescent-moon tattoos are on the back of her left hand in between index finger and thumb.

The two planets, one particular shining brilliantly and the other its waning phase, symbolise the opposites of wealth and want that should be in balance for a satisfied existence – like the Chinese yin-yang symbol!

Asami Zdrenka tattoos – Japanese influence

Asami Zdrenka tattoos – Japanese script tattooAsami Zdrenka tattoos – Japanese script tattoo for girls

Asami is half-Japanese and was born in Japan, but has invested most of her life in the U.K. So it’s not surprising that she chose to broaden the increasing gallery of Asami Zdrenka tattoos with this striking tattoo of Japanese creating.

On the back of Asami’s left wrist you can see the ‘ファミリー tattoo, which signifies ‘family’ in English.

Asami Zdrenka’s foot tattoos – left ankle zodiac signs for women

Asami Zdrenka tattoos – artistic zodiac symbolsAsami Zdrenka tattoos – artistic zodiac symbols tattoo for women

And the ultimate pieces of tasteful ink-artwork, completing the recent set of Asami Zdrenka tattoos, are these artistic zodiac symbols on the within of her left ankle!

They seem super-cute above Asami’s frilly socks and yellow suede, ‘peep-to’ platforms! From left to right, the symbols signify Capricorn – The Goat, Virgo – The Youthful Maiden and Pisces – The Fish. Asami was born on September 15th and that makes her a Virgo!

Along with her quirky fashion Asami Zdrenka tattoos show the creativity and artistic talent of an independent thinker, who loves her household and plans to hold both feet on the ground!

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