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30+ Wonderful Acrylic Nail Designs You will Want To Copy Instantly


Acrylic nail designs are all the rage these days and with good reason. In order to add a little something extra to your overall look, investing time in finding a perfect nail design that suits your personality is a worthwhile endeavour. In this article we look at some of the nail designs that you could consider:

30+ Awesome Acrylic Nail Designs You'll Want To Copy Immediately

1. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

When one thinks of Victoria’s Secret they are guaranteed oomph, class and tonnes of innovative designs.
This Victoria’s Secret Bombshell product adds a layer of silver or metallic glitter to a baser more matte nail paint. Perfect for parties and even business events, this is a sure winner at all occasions.

Source: weheartit

2. Short Nail Designs for Girls

Short Nail Designs for Girls

For those who have short nails, this one is the perfect strategy. Using a dual color on the nails is a good way to take attention away from the lack of length. In addition, this adds a glamorous element to a boring monochromatic color.

Source: pinterest

3. Valentine Nail Art

Valentine Nail Art

Celebrating love through nail art is one of the latest and most innovative trends. Using the classic black and pink combination along with added glitter is a sure way to incorporate love and a glamour quotient together.

Source: familyholiday

4. Natural with a Twist

Natural with a Twist

For those who prefer a natural tone, this is a perfect way of adding some oomph to the nail art. By introducing silver glitter to the pinkish tinge, one can appear both understated and stylish at the same time.

Source: pinterest

5. Asymmetric Designs

Asymmetric Designs

The best part about the nail design in this picture is that it is a perfect blend of nude, black, white and gold glitter. Used in the correct proportions this is a sure way to be a hit among everyone.

Source: fashionsy

6. French Manicured Nails with a Twist

French Manicured Nails with a Twist

This is sure to make your nails stand out. The rainbow shading instead of the usual French white manicured nail paint is a great way to stand out as both unique and beautiful.

Source: callinamarie.buzznet

7. Black with Multicolored Glitter

Black with Multicolored Glitter

While the most common form of nail design is to use one type of glitter on a baser color, this one design is sure to blow everyone’s mind. The reason for that is that the glitter being multicolored stands out against the black background.

Source: pinterest

8. Pink with Silver Showers

Pink with Silver Showers

Pink and silver have long been one of the most favoured nail paint combinations and with good reason. The silver complements the lighter pink in perfect proportion. Furthermore, the silver glitter is painted on is an asymmetric manner that makes it look unique and casual.

Source: twoje-paznokcie

9. Pink Red Glittery Heart

Pink Red Glittery Heart

Another great idea for Valentine’s day, this nail art creation satisfies the requirement of both an innovative design and a great love statement. The pink, black and glitter combination is a sure classic and makes the design much more interesting.

Source: pinterest

10. Rhinestone Designs

Rhinestone Designs

Rhinestones is a tricky option when it comes to nail art. However, when paired with a baser color it shines through in a subtle manner. Moreover, the rhinestones do not dominate the nail surface and manage to look both classy and elegant.

Source: pinterest

11. Symmetric Shadings

Symmetric Shadings

While pink and black seems to be a popular request for nail art, pink, white and silver designs are also a perfect way to impress anyone. However, the shade of pink in this regard is of utmost importance as the white needs to be complemented perfectly and not in a loud, garish fashion.

Source: ink361

12. White and Gold Classy Nail Design

White and Gold Classy Nail Design

One of the best combinations is white and gold in that it is both versatile and makes a statement. From corporate parties to nightclub bashes, this combination is sure to lend the wearer with an overall elegant charm.

Source: decorandouñas

13. Floral Designs with Nude Paint

Floral Designs with Nude Paint

The combination of nude and floral print is different and beautiful. There is a certain elegant quality to the design and the nude plays up on a fragile, yet charming image of flowers.

Source: pinterest

14. Baby Pink with Silver

Baby Pink with Silver

As opposed to those nail designs that use pink and silver in blocks, this one nail paint design spaces out the silver in a way as to not be overwhelming. Since the color of choice is baby pink here, this is a key element that needs to be kept in mind to prevent overcrowding the nail space.

Source: pinterest

15. Almond Shaped White and Black

Almond Shaped White and Black

White and Black is a great combination when it comes to nail art. The reason for this is that it speaks of a classy statement as well as simple charm. A great idea for those looking to make a statement at a corporate event.

Source: pinterest

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