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30+ Modern Medium Hairstyles For A Clean-Cut Hollywood Look!


A woman’s haircut accounts for more than half of her overall appearance and attire, and choosing a hairstyle that is easy to maintain, looks natural and feels very comfortable is essential for your success. Your hairstyle will reflect on your success, both professionally and personally, and the best news is that hairstylists always come up with a variety of new styles for us to try! If you have not found a style that suits you yet, then here are 30+ glamorous medium hairstyles that will help you look better than ever before!

30+ Modern Medium Hairstyles For A Clean-Cut Hollywood Look!

What Are The Most Popular Medium Hairstyle Trends In 2015?

Medium hairstyles are chic, no matter what people say, and it often happens that Hollywood stars and world-renowned hair academies and hairstylists are the ones that dictates the hair trends that all fashion-conscious ladies should follow.

When it comes to medium hairstyles in 2015, some styles are extremely chic and appreciated – the baby bob was made famous by Taylor Swift, for instance, who always looks very luxurious and feminine. The layered bob or the angled bob are also very appreciated in 2015, and Emma Watson certainly knows how to make the best of her hair!

Popular Medium Hairstyle Trends In 2015

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On the other hand, if there is one hairstyle that is very beautiful and timeless, that must be the classic bob, followed by the traditional shoulder-length hairstyle that Jessica Simpson has brought to the attention of the public eye, yet again! Regardless of which medium hairstyle appeals to you the most, it is important to remember that although some chops may look outstanding on TV stars and actresses, it is important to choose one that looks good on you!

Here you will find 30+ of the best medium chops that you can opt for:

1. Be Chic With The Eternal Bob

Be Chic With The Eternal Bob

When in doubt, go for the classic bob hairstyle. The bob has been around for a very long time, and several thousand years ago it was popular both amongst men and women, especially among royalty. The classic, modern bob is a very clean cut hairstyle, one that pays an outstanding attention to detail and that perfectly contours your face and emphasizes on your most important facial features. However, the bob hairstyle depicted in this picture is not suitable for everybody, this is why your hairstylist may ask you to do the classic “pencil test” to determine the distance between your chin and your ears, in order to decide whether you should go for this look or to opt for a slightly longer hairstyle. Either way, this is a truly charming hairstyle that will make you feel feminine, delicate and soft!

Source here: shelookbook

2. Medium-Long Bangs For A Touch Of Finesse!

Medium-Long Bangs For A Touch Of Finesse

Bangs come in all sizes and colors: some of them are suitable for long hairstyles, some are made for shoulder-length styles while others are perfect even for the classic Pixie cuts! Here you will find a very simple written tutorial accompanied by a comprehensive video tutorial that shows you how to make the best of your medium long bangs, for an extra touch of finesse and for a refined, chiseled look. It often happens that even when our hairstyle is perfect for us, we style our bangs the wrong way and we do not get enough volume around the roots, which is why our hair ends up looking lifeless and dull. Follow these instructions to get big, volume-rich, bouncy hair with minimal effort, and with basic tools and hair care products!

Source here: thesmallthingsblog

3. Get The Lovely Claire Danes Look!

Get The Lovely Claire Danes Look

If you have blonde, light brown or even grey hair, then the Claire Danes medium hairstyle might as well fit you like a glove! This is a very beautiful, chic and simple shoulder-long hairstyle that is rather easy to maintain, but if you want to go for it, you must be committed to dyeing your roots on a constant basis. One of the best things about Claire Danes’ medium hairstyle, apart from the fact that it perfectly frames her entire face, is that it can be easily achieved with basic tools – you can use either a hair curler or a straightener to create lovely bouncy curls on the sides, and use the hair dryer to straighten your hair while adding volume to it at the same time. Check out this picture, and if your facial features resemble those of Claire Danes, then you should definitely go for this hairstyle!

Source here: pinterest

4. Medium Ombre Hair With Blonde Highlights

Medium Ombre Hair With Blonde Highlights

This is a very daring and bold combination that only compliments a small number of people, but generally speaking if you have tried a medium hairstyle before and it appealed to you, then there is no reason why the medium-long ombre hairstyle with blonde and brown highlights will not do the same! Once again, this is also a low maintenance hairstyle that can be easily cared for, and you only need a medium-thick hair curler to help you achieve those classic 19th century curls that are still very popular in 2015. Check out this picture from one side and ask your hairstylist to reproduce it, if you have medium-dark hair and you want to give the Ombre style a try for once!

Source here: pinterest

5. Basic Messy Medium Hairstyle

Basic Messy Medium Hairstyle

Summer is already here, and there is no better way to celebrate it than with a messy, beach-like hairstyle that falls beautifully on your shoulders. Although the title of this hairstyle may make you think that it looks careless, the truth is that it looks naturally beautiful and effortless: you will be able to get ready for school or work in less than 10 minutes in the morning, which is a great benefit for those who commute, or who have a very busy schedule. The basic messy medium hairstyle is great both for skinny faces and for fuller figured, it is very easy to achieve and it should only be maintained every 3 or 4 months, depending on how quickly your hair grows.

Source here: theglossiernerd.tumblr

6. Lightly Curled Hair!

Lightly Curled Hair

Although this is not a medium hairstyle in itself, it is a lovely and very detailed tutorial that is perfect for women who already have a medium-long hair, and who are looking for new, fast, easy and effortless ways to curl it and to achieve a beautiful, bouncy look. If the hair straightener or the classic curler have never appealed to you, then you should definitely check out this tutorial – lightly curled hair may actually benefit you more than the tightly curled hairstyle, especially if you have rich hair, as tight curls may give you a bit too much volume. See for yourself!

Source here: thesmallthingsblog

7. Are You In For The Ultimate Hair Curling Trick?

Are You In For The Ultimate Hair Curling Trick

There are many different ways in which you can achieve tight and durable curls that will get you through the day – you can use the conventional curler as we know it (which, unfortunately, can permanently damage your hair if you are not careful enough), you can use aluminum foil, conventional tools and so forth. However, this is certainly one of the world’s best secrets in terms of hair curling – this is the ultimate tool that every lady should have, if she is fond of effortless curls. Are you tired of constantly burning your fingers when trying to curl your hair? Do you want something fast and efficient? Then you should definitely give the world-famous Miracurl a try, and you will become addicted to it!

Source here: littlemissmomma

8. Beautiful Ombre Lob!

Beautiful Ombre Lob

Lob stands for long bob, and this lovely medium hairstyle comes in many different shades and types – you can opt for the classic, dark-haired style, you can use it if you have platinum blonde hair, or you can opt for the best of both world, which would basically be an ombre hairstyle! The ombre hairstyle is extremely popular, and the ombre lob is a relatively new invention, given the fact that most ombre styles are for long hair. Check it out and see how you feel about this chop!

Source here: pinterest

9. Stylish Medium Hairstyle With Side Bangs!

Stylish Medium Hairstyle With Side Bangs

There are two types of bangs you can opt for – the classic bangs that cover your entire forehead and end just above your eyes, or the side bangs that can significantly slim down your face, if you have a fuller figure. This is a super chic and stylish medium hairstyle with effortless side bangs, perfect for women with a slightly wider jawline or with fuller cheeks, who want to achieve a slightly more delicate and feminine look without too much effort. Once again, remember that celebrities have professional hairstylists that always make sure their hair matches their natural features and overall appearance, and their look might not suit everybody!

Source here: pinterest

10. Lovely Medium Hairstyle Tied In Knots

Lovely Medium Hairstyle Tied In Knots

This is a classic medium long hairstyle, but it comes with a small twist – the upper part of the hairstyle is designed to be tied in tight little knots, for an added effect. Basically, the overall length of the hairstyle remains untouched, you can either let it dry up naturally by itself or you can use a hair straightener or even a curler, and the upper part will be tied in either tight or loose knots. This is a bit of a fairytale-ish hairstyle that is perfect for girls who want to maintain their innocence and who aim for a sweet, young-looking haircut to erase several years off their appearance.

Source here: twistmepretty

11. Learn How To Style Your Bob Or Lob The Proper Way

Learn How To Style Your Bob Or Lob The Proper Way

Have you noticed that your bob or lob always looks flawless and impeccable after you leave the hair salon, but for whatever reason it becomes very difficult to achieve the exact same look after you have washed your hair? If you ever wondered why that happens, then you should know that there are two possible explanations: you might either be using the wrong products (salon-grade shampoos, oils, masks and conditioners are different), or you might be using the wrong tools to style your hair. If you want to know how to make the best of your hairstyle without damaging your hair and while maintaining its shine and appearance in the long run, then here is a tutorial that tackles that exact aspect!

Source here: thebeautydepartment

12. Awesome Medium-Long Hairstyle To Try This Year

Awesome Medium-Long Hairstyle To Try This Year

This first hairstyle is the perfect choice for women who have thin and frail hair that is very likely to break if you would use the hair straightener on a daily basis. The downside of having thin hair is that you cannot style it every day, and you cannot use your hair styling tools at the highest setting, for you would end up bald otherwise! If that is your primary concern and you do not want to lose or damage your hair but, on the other hand, you still want to look flawless all the time, then here is a super cool, chic and awesome medium-long hairstyle for you to try!

Source here: therighthairstyles

13. Simple Wipsy Updo!

Simple Wipsy Updo

If you already have medium-long hair and you are looking for a very soft and effortless way to style it every day, then look no further than this simple and very appealing wispy updo. You do not need a complex or highly sophisticated style to look very clean and flawless every day, and for this particular look, you only need some hair clamps to keep your hair high. If you aim for a feathery soft, airy and super comfortable updo to help you go through the super hot summer days, then this one is the right hairstyle for you in 2015!

Source here: pinterest

14. Cool Hairstyles For Ladies Over 40!

Cool Hairstyles For Ladies Over 40

We all know that our clothing style must match and reflect our age, but how many of us think about getting a hairstyle that does the same thing? Our hairstyle can make us look much older than we really are or, on the contrary, it can take 10 or even twenty years off our faces. When you are 40 or older, a long hair may no longer benefit you as much as a medium-long or even a short Pixie cut, and here you will find several super cool hairstyles that you can easily choose from!

Source here: indulgy

15. Fabulous Bob For Older Ladies!

Fabulous Bob For Older Ladies

This particular style is slightly shorter than you would expect for a hairstyle that is intended to be medium-long, but the truth is that it looks awesome and it is also super easy and cheap to maintain. All you need to make sure your new bob looks flawless every day is a rotating hair brush or a classic brush and a powerful salon-grade hair dryer that will help you straighten your bob without damaging your hair. Check out this back shot and see if it appeals to you!

Source here: pinterest

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