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18 Special Occasion Hairstyles That Will Make You Enchant the Big Day!



Getting ready for a party, an occasion or a romantic date seems to be impossible without getting a stunning hair updo. But, who has got time to hit the salon every time? If you want to rock the big day with beautifully done hair that complement your overall look with grace, here are 19 special occasion hairstyles that are all you need.

Special Occasion Hairstyles That Will Make You Enchant the Big Day

1. Dutch Braid Crown and Messy Bun

Dutch braids can make such beautiful crowns that you don’t just need any more touches to your hair to look oh so special. However, this hairdo takes it to all new levels of amazement with a messy bun working as an accompaniment to the braid crown. The Dutch braid turns into a regular braid as it reaches the bottom of the hair, further getting pulled back to join a super messy top bun that brings out a carefree yet impactful look to your overall appearance. Easy to quick to work up, this one surely tops our list of special occasion hairstyles. The best part about this one shared in the below Instagram post is that it can also go just right with a regular day at work, without looking over the top!

Style Details : instagram

2. Back Tucked Braid with Front Flick

The front flick here of course, is the charming element about this hairstyle, while that braid right behind the flick is equally glorious. The braid running on one side of the hair is further tucked behind with the help of a few bobby pins, adding total finesse to the updo. For those who love to keep it simple and prefer their hair open for most occasions, this one is all they need to add the much needed idea of special to the look. for an extra factor of glam, you can always adorn the styling with a few embellishments, light waves throughout the tresses and voila! You are all set to hit the party. Check out the Instagram post and get your dose of inspiration right away.

Style Details : instagram

3. Wedding Messy Bun Hairdo with Embellishments

Wedding Messy Bun Hairdo with Embellishments

That big wedding day is undoubtedly, the most special occasion in a women’s life – calling for an equally special hairdo to make you look no less than a queen. And this elegant hairstyle is just what your big day deserves. This bridal voluminous updo has got a thick fluffy braid crown gradually transforming into a low bun as you advance towards the back of the head. The intended imperfections of this hairdo make it just perfect, especially those two free-flowing wavy strands of the hair in front as well as the twisty make of the bun itself. The spirit of the occasion comes into play with a faux floral branch going for the decor of the bun, neatly inserted into the top of the bun. Head to the below pin to get your hands on this pretty hairstyle.

Style Details : pin.it

4. Stephanie’s Wedding Hair Archive

Looking out to catch a whole bundle of updos that match different occasions and attires at their best? This Instagram belonging to the expert hair and makeup artist Stephanie Brinkerhoff is your one stop destination for the same. Each of her styles are luxurious to fit a bridal outfit, while being so easy to pull off that you don’t even need a hairstylist to get most of them done. Ranging from luscious braids and buns to intricate hairdos that create the illusion of florals and so much more, Stephanie has you covered. Additionally, she also showcases how one can decorate the updos with a variety of embellishments, as well as takes you through a detailed wedding hair chart. No matter what’s your hair color or texture, you will rock these styles without a doubt.

Style Details : instagram

5. Romantic Low Bun Wedding Hairstyle

Romantic Low Bun Wedding Hairstyle

If you think low buns are a common something when it comes to wedding hairstyles, this one is going to take you by a surprise! This romantic updo steals the show with the free-flowing loosely done nature of the bun that’s worked up on one side, twisting the hair in a beautiful fashion. Some bobby pins are all it takes to pull off the updo, keeping it all done with great finesse. For the decor, a delicate golden band-like crown is used to adorn the hair, fixed into the updo right in the top middle of the hair. If you already love the romantic low bun prettiness, head to the below Pin and gain a deeper insight into the same. Oh yes, whether your tresses are long or short, you can always rock this style.

Style Details : pin.it

6. Long Curly Formal Updo Hairstyle

Long Curly Formal Updo Hairstyle

Celebrate the curly magic of your tresses with this stunning updo that’s not only romantic and special, but also truly versatile. To work up the same, you need to curl the hair in lovely ringlets, further pinning them back, while making sure there’s a clear center parting. To get an effortless look, leave down some long tendrils to establish an elegant frame around the face. Also work up the styling with the hair tied up loosely. Although, this one with its elegant curls and pinned-at-the-back thing goes best for a round face, its formal appearance will look great on all face shapes, especially if the curls are adorned with some brunette highlights. The Hair Styler takes you through the updo in the below guide.

Style Details : thehairstyler

7. Side Swept Hair Tucked in a Floral Clip

Side Swept Hair Tucked in a Floral Clip

A super cute alternate for you if you can’t go for braids or ponytails to work up a styling of splendour! This updo keeps your look close to open tresses, but with a slight twist. It goes for side-swept hair and, while the front hair are combed upwards. Once you comb your tresses upwards and sweep them to one side, a large floral clip flaunting lots of beads, delicate lace and feathers in pearly white can serve the purpose of holding them in place as well as sprucing them up with even more beauty at the same time. To get a voluminous texture to this style, make sure you first add large waves or light curls to the hair before actualling tucking them to one side. Simple yet perfect for dressing up for a special occasion!

Style Details : pin.it

8. Super Voluminous Bun Updo

Super Voluminous Bun Updo

Who needs decorative elements when your hair itself look like a complete work of art. This super voluminous updo is a combination of sleek straight hair as well as pretty curls, wherein the straight hair go for the parting and the front, having the curls worked up in a large messy bun with several strands flowing down with ease. Tying the hair in a loose grip, further twisting them to end up in a low bun is the key to forge the styling showcased in the below Pin. What makes the bun easily achievable is the fact that you don’t need to pay extra care to make it perfect – simply grab your curls and transform them into a loosely done bun, and voila!

Style Details : pin.it

9. Low Bun With a Silver Headband Crown

Low Bun With a Silver Headband Crown

There are times when you add a precious accessory to even the simplest of hairdos and the end results are a magnificent something! This luscious bun is an example of just that, wherein a a luxurious-looking headband in a floral leafy design loaded with beads forms the chief element of styling. Best suited for light waves and straight hair, this one has got a few twists for a braid crown which further is twisted back into a low-height bun with pretty strands flowing down. Adding a few brunette or dark brown highlights to the hair will make the styling shine even more, especially if you go for a loose bun. A few bobby pins and your choice of headband are all it takes to put this updo together, being the star of the whole celebration!

Style Details : pin.it

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