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10 things only people with fine hair will understand



Do you long for thick, luxurious hair but instead have been given the gift of super fine hair? We feel your pain. There are many trials and tribulations that come with having fine hair and it’;s pretty tough going. Here are 10 things only people with fine hair will understand.

  1. Backcombing is your best friend. Like, it’;s totally your saviour to help thicken up your fine locks, even if you do feel cruel for doing this to you hair.


2. But you do look like you’ve been electrocuted when styling your hair. Ya gotta’; do what ya gotta’; do!


3. You feel extremely anxious when you can’t find your hairspray and backcombing brush, you enlist the help of friends and/or family members to track those mo’fo’s down!

  1. The SLIGHTEST bit of humidity and BAM! Hair ruined. We still try and style it out though, obvs!


. 5. It’s really difficult to style your hair with the wispy bits falling about everywhere.


6. But then clips can help, right?


7. A standard hair tie feels like a headband to us. You can wrap a hair tie around you minuscule ponytail about 10 times, sigh!

  1. Oh and a bun? Forget it, we look like newborns!


9. You have every thickening treatment known to man and pray that one day a miracle will happen!


10. Dry shampoo is the apple of your eye. It helps thicken up your hair and you’;re actually thankful for it. every.single.day.


Do not fear, fellow fine haired ladies. DL hair extensions are what dreams are made of and can give us the hair we lust after in a matter of minutes. Don’t be swayed and think ‘oh but the clips will show’ girl, you’re a pro at backcombing, use that skill to hide those clips and ta daaaah the hair you dream of is yours!

So fine haired ladies, have we missed anything?

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