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Why You Shouldn’t Consider Cod Liver Oil For Acne (Or Any Other Skin Concern)


If you search the web for intel on cod liver oil and acne, an old Attractiveness Editor write-up of mine will be one of the very first to come up.

Back then—5 many years ago, in 2010—I considered I’;d stumbled across the greatest cure for acne and other skin issues.

And it was… type of. Taking cod liver oil definitely helped me clear up my annoying month-to-month premenstrual jaw-area breakouts at the time. A browse via the remarks, and other cod liver oil content articles that cropped up on the net right after that, reveals that many other people had the same fantastic results as I did—for not just acne but also oiliness, skin texture and tone.

But in spite of these constructive outcomes, I never, in truth, consider cod liver oil any longer. And if I encouraged you to take it, well, I apologize! 

Despite the fact that cod liver oil contains two nutritional vitamins that I nevertheless think are Crucial for skin wellness (A and D), I no longer think it is a protected way to get them. 

Here is why:

Fermented… or Rancid?

The cod liver oil brand I utilized to take was the cult-favourite Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend from Green Pasture (a company which is a small too in bed with the non-revenue Weston A. Price Basis, but that is one more story for yet another day). 

The popular Green Pasture Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend in Cinnamon Tingle. The well-liked Green Pasture Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Mix in Cinnamon Tingle.

This Green Pasture stuff is Large in Paleo and “true meals” circles. I started out off with their capsules, but later got the gel format simply because I desired far more bang for my buck. The Cinnamon Tingle flavour was the least worst on my gag reflex… but guy, was it ever tough to get down. Just thinking about it makes me queasy!

That is since it really is fermented, which signifies it doesn’;t go by means of the large-heat processing that regular cod liver oils do. (The heat truly strips them of nutritional vitamins, which makers then should include back in at the end, sort of defeating the total objective.) So the large promoting point with Green Pasture is that their cod liver oil retains its original amounts of vitamin A and D.

But what does “fermented” truly mean? 

The standard strategy developed by northern cultures who necessary cod liver oil for vitamin D is the identical a single utilized by Green Pastures—to store the cod livers in a barrel and let them sit for MONTHS. 

Former WAPF chapter leader Dan Corrigan has this to say about the method:

“Green Pasture manufactures fermented cod liver oil, which is rated the ‘best’ by WAPF,” he says. “There are a lot of stories of people getting excellent accomplishment in making use of the solution. We initially began promoting that, but based on suggestions from our highly delicate consumers, we made the decision to stop offering it and seem for an option.” …[It] also led him to conclude that the entire notion of fermenting cod liver oil is misguided. “You cannot ferment cod liver oil. Oil does not have any sugars/starches, which are necessary for the pleasant bacteria to develop.” The Green Pasture practice of placing cod livers in a vat and letting them sit for 6 months does not lead to fermentation, but rather to rotting, he contends. 


Which accounts for the revolting smell/taste. If you had been served a piece of fish that had been left out at room temperature for 6 months, would you eat it? So why ingest rancid cod liver oil manufactured from bits of putrefying livers? 

Unstable and Aging

Okay, so fail to remember rancid fermented cod liver oil. Why not just use the regular, non-fermented variety and reap the positive aspects? After all, there are loads of testimonials from folks who just took plain outdated Carlson’;s and even now received the incredible skin-clearing advantages.

The non-fermented Carlson Cod Liver Oil. The non-fermented Carlson Cod Liver Oil.

The most significant explanation is due to the fact cod liver oil and fish oils by nature are hugely unsaturated. And you currently know how I truly feel about these, thanks to the perform of Dr. Ray Peat. 

To recap, unsaturated oils are liquid at area temperature and contribute to slowed metabolic process and free radical harm. 

These oils are so very unstable that they oxidize upon exposure to air, heat or light, so previously they’;re rancid just sitting in a bottle. Envision what they are like following a couple of months on a shelf—or when they get into your 37 degrees Celsius physique! 

Believe: processes like glycation, suppressed thyroid perform, lowered progesterone production and development of pigmentation. I’;ve concluded that unsaturated oils are one of the largest culprits behind skin aging. So what’;s the point of taking cod liver oil to correct your acne short-term when it truly is aging your skin down the street? 

And body, too—Ray Peat’;s article “The Wonderful Fish Oil Experiment” reveals evidence that cod liver oils and fish oils are immunosuppressive, and even linked to cancer. Sadly, there is a large revenue motive with the fish oil market… absolutely everyone is selling this stuff these days!

A Far better Supply of Vitamin A

I constantly maintained that it was the vitamin A in cod liver oil that was giving us the skin and anti-acne rewards. So guess what? There are safer approaches to get it without having the aforementioned well being dangers.

The vitamin A supplement I’;ve employed is InterPlexus NutriSorb A, a liquid type that includes two,500 IU of retinol per drop.

InterPlexus NutriSorb A Liquid Vitamin A. InterPlexus NutriSorb A Liquid Vitamin A.

I wrote in-depth about NutriSorb A, and the rewards of vitamin A in basic, more than right here. With the typical person’;s dose of about two,500 to 5,000 IU per day, there’;s not a massive concern above vitamin A toxicity, although you should constantly check with with your doctor and make certain to keep track of your palms for carotene accumulation (orange calluses). Some individuals rub it on their skin I take it orally.

(NOTE: Ol’; NutriSorb has been out of stock for ages, so you are going to almost certainly have trouble obtaining this things appropriate now. I stockpiled a bunch from Willner Chemist in NYC final time I was there… if you find any other sources please allow me know! I haven’;t genuinely discovered a decent vitamin A different yet that isn’;t contaminated with PUFAs.)

But what’;s even better than the NutriSorb A—or any cod liver oil—is to just go straight to the source and eat the liver itself. Gross image alert…

Beef liver is better than cod liver (oil). Beef liver is greater than cod liver (oil).

I’;m speaking about beef liver. Just one serving has more than 20,000 IU, so it truly is going to supply the most vitamin A to your skin, and with out any toxicity worries.

I know it really is disgusting, and I can not even bear to cook it, so what I do as a non-liver-eater is freeze a massive raw slab for two weeks to destroy any parasites. Then I reduce off about one tbsp at a time and chop it into small pieces, which I then down as “shooters” in a shot glass with tomato juice and sizzling sauce. Operates for me! You can not even taste it.

Be mindful that a vitamin A deficiency isn’;t the only issue with acne you could also have minimal thyroid function. This article has more info, plus tips on boosting thyroid through diet plan.

A Better Supply of Vitamin D

To make up for the vitamin D I was receiving from the cod liver oil, I now take a separate vitamin D supplement. I needed to locate something with as few ingredients as possible, and my search ended with Ddrops:

Ddrops Liquid Vitamin D3 supplement. Ddrops Liquid Vitamin D3 supplement.

All they include is D3 and fractionated coconut oil—and coconut oil is a risk-free saturated body fat, not a PUFA. I consider the one,000 IU drops, but they also come in 400 IU.

Sun publicity, of course, is an additional choice for vitamin D, although not realistically for most of the year here in wintry Canada. And given that I am worried about sun damage, I would rather just supplement.

What About Butter Oil?

One particular of the large promoting features of the Green Pasture cod liver oil is that it also includes anything called “higher-vitamin butter oil”, stated to make the cod liver oil even much more nutritious and effective. 

In Weston A. Price’;s Nutrition and Bodily Degeneration circa the 1930s, he spoke of a nutrient he known as “Activator X”. Located in the butterfat and organs of grass-fed animals, he believed it was the essential to immunity, great teeth and appropriate bone advancement. 

Modern study last but not least identified this mysterious nutrient as vitamin K2, and you don’;t have to acquire Green Pasture’;s goods to get it. (Also, in accordance to Ray Peat, “Butter oil is just a refined form of butter, and normally I feel less refined food items are preferable, to reduce the publicity to oxygen and contaminants.”)

I personally take Thorne’;s K2 drops:

Thorne Vitamin K2 supplement. Thorne Vitamin K2 supplement.

I never know about the skin, but I have study testimonials of men and women saying this merchandise eradicated dental plaque and even remineralized their teeth!

The Bottom Line

You will not require to get cod liver oil to get the advantages of nutritional vitamins A, D and K2. Consuming beef liver, and/or supplementing these nutrients individually, can give you as numerous (if not much more) advantages with no the oxidization and rancidity associated with unsaturated oils. Plus, taking the vitamins individually allows you to handle and adjust the dosage quantities according to your person situation.

As always, this report is for details functions only and is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for health care guidance. Check with with your doctor and/or do your own research before taking any supplements or creating dietary modifications.

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Are you for or against cod liver oil? Which supplements or food items have assisted your skin the most? Do you consider vitamins A, D or K2?

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