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What to Wear to a Funeral – 14 Proper Funeral Men Attire


What to wear to a funeral. We usually plan what to wear on almost every occasion but some occasions are not the kind of an event on which we want to look like a fashionista. Funeral is one of those sober occasions when we just want to condole the grieved person. At that moment, a gentleman’s purpose when attending a funeral is to pay his respects to the deceased and comfort the others around him. Not to look amazing and grab attention. So when attending a funeral, you must keep some key facts in mind as per your physical appearance is concerned.
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Different Outfits for Guys to Dress for a Funeral

Always keep in mind that attending a funeral in anything too flashy or “fashion forward” is the height of bad taste. And It depicts you are not able to choose the right thing for the right occasion. Dressing appropriately shows support and puts the focus on the funeral. It is generally understood throughout the Western world and in Christian funerals, that acceptable dress in a funeral is a dark suit, a muted tie and polished shoes. You do not need something Extra Ordinary while attending a funeral. The typical attire for a funeral is the ‘traditional western attire’. Other than a black suit and white shirt, you could even consider a 3-piece notch lapel suit in a conservative pinstripe with either a tie or even a bow tie, perhaps. If not a black or navy blue suit, then colours are usually kept to a conservative palette, colours from maroon and darker shades of brown are often alternatives. Avoid bright colours and bold fashion statements for any type of traditional ceremony. It’s a safe bet to ask the family if they have any dress codes they’d like; in remembrance of the person who’s passed. If you do not have a suit, or not able to wear a suit at that moment, then some modest conventional dress code could also save you but keep in mind, tone down the colors.

Basic Dressing Tips at a Funeral for Men:

  • Dark suits or buttoned shirts are always appropriate
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts, something with a collar
  • Wear a belt and tuck in shirt
  • Wear dress shoes or loafers
  • Dress suit with tie
  • Slacks, polo shirt, belt
  • Slacks, button down shirt, tie
  • Slacks, button down shirt, vest
  • Slacks, button down shirt, blazer

Dont’s For Funeral Attire

  • Avoid sneakers, athletic shoes, flip flops
  • Avoid jeans (though in many settings, dark jeans with tucked in shirt is acceptable)
  • Avoid shorts
  • Avoid baseball caps


#14- The Traditional Suit

This is one of the most appropriate and considerate dress code while attending a funeral. You can choose his traditional black dress with black tie, and do not worry what age you are. This is the perfect decision.



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#13- Conventional Men Funeral Outfit

As is it mentioned, that White dress shirt is not a compulsion. One can go for the light color shirt but keeping the color palette at low. A dark navy blue suit is also a good choice if you do not wish to wear a black suit. Even a darker shade of charcoal grey is not bad.



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