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Tried And True DIY Cure From Tired Muscles


One of the things that frightens many of us before actually starting working out regularly is harsh and long post-workout strain. A twinge here, a pulled muscle there, you know. However, it’s not the reason to give up training, more like a reason to find a solution. Gladly, we’ve got the cure! It doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars and you can make it yourself. Here’s the list of supplies you need: 2 cups plain Epsom salt, ½ cup dried lavender, 2 tbsp jojoba oil, 20 drops essential oils of your choice (like lavender, ylang ylang or bergamont for stress relief) and large resealable jar. These ingredients together are able to reduce inflammation, soothe tired and achy muscles, nourishes the skin and simply boosts the mood. Magic, right? Head over to to read the tutorial and enjoy!

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