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Top 10 Ways To Include Lemons in Your Beauty Routine


The lemons are fruit native to Asia. For some they aren’t the most delicious fruit on Earth, but their benefits cannot be ignored. Thanks for being rich in vitamin C, the lemons can help you in times of cold and low immunity. They restore the pH balance of our body and the lemon juice can really help in easing the bowel movement. There are plenty of other reasons to talk about why lemons are important for our health, but we should also mention that beside the healthy benefits and culinary uses, the lemons can help us in staying fresh and pretty! On this list there are 10 ways to help you on how to include this fruit in your beauty routine.

1. Lemon Water

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A glass of water with lemon is definitely something we should drink in the morning. That way we can let the lemons do it’s magic on our body and immunity. When it comes to the beauty side of it, drinking this water can positively affect our skin. The lemon water has antioxidant, cleansing and detoxifying effects, so drinking it can help in reducing wrinkles, blemishes and can even have anti – age effect.

2. Anti – Acne Treatment 

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If you are dealing with blemishes, oily skin or you just simply want to freshen up a little bit your skin, then using lemons is a great idea. The lemons are detoxifying our blood and thanks to the vitamin C, the lemons create collagen synthesis, that helps in keeping our skin soft. You can find plenty of mask recipes on the Internet and you will notice that most of them are using lemons and mostly in a combination with honey and certain oil. Choose the one you think it will fit you the best and enjoy the beauty effects of lemons!

3. Teeth Whitening

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We are talking about a good old trick here! If you are not satisfied with your teeth color, can’t afford expensive teeth whitening or for any other reason, you should really try this method. You need only few tablespoons of lemon juice and baking soda. Mix them together until a paste comes out and then you can apply it on your teeth. There are few things to know about this home whitening method. First, this is a method that is recommend only once in a week. Second, don’t leave the paste longer than 2-3 minutes on your teeth and last, wash your teeth with toothpaste afterwards. Also, consult your dentist before doing things on your own.

4. Nails Treatment

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Are your nails always soft and breaking? Here’s the cure for you. Make your own natural remedy by mixing olive oil and lemon juice. Soak your fingernails in it and repeating this in your routine will surely have positive results on whitening and strengthening your nails. When preparing the mixture, you can use your favorite oil, it doesn’t have to be an olive one.

5. Skin Brightening 

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Yes, lemons can do some skin whitening as well! Make your own toner by mixing lemon juice, water and a witch hazel in a bottle. We use the lemon juice because it reduces blemishes and it lightens our skin, while the with hazel tightens pores and reduces inflammation. You will get the best results if you use the toner both in the mornings and at night.

6. Natural Highlighting 

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If you prefer highlighting your hair in a more natural way, then you just found the one. You need water, chamomile tea, lemons and honey. Place tea bags for 2 minutes in a microwave and after it, keep the cup covered and leave the bags inside for few minutes to brew the tea. Add the honey and the lemon juice and stir it quickly. Apply on hair before heading outside and soon you will see the results.

7. Facial Cleanser

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As we already stated below, the lemons have vitamin C which is making our skin look the best. On the other hand, we have lavender essential oil has antibiotic properties that give away relaxing and calming effect, but they also help in fighting skin infections, acne and blemishes. Making the facial cleanser is really easy. Chop glycerin soap and melt it in hot, boiled water. Let it cool and then add the essential oil and stir until it’s all blended.

8. Hand Scrub

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Our hands deserve attention as well, and lemons can help into giving them the one they need. You need white sugar, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, lime scented essential oil and honey. Mix sugar with extra virgin olive oil and then add in the rest of the ingredients. Place the scrub mixture in jars. This one is also great as gift if packed in that way!

9. Lemon Moisturizer

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Using an all natural home remedy instead of chemicals is always a great idea! In this case, we’re talking about skin moisturizing. Whisk coconut oil, lemons, vitamin E oil and any other essential oil by your choice. Whisk until what you get is a creamy, fluffy texture – that’s your moisturizer. You can use it and keep it for a longer period of time, but no longer than few months.

10. Remedy for Dark Elbows and Knees

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When it comes dark elbows and knees, the lemons can help you in more than one home remedy. Half squeeze lemon, put sugar in the lemon peel and rub your elbows and knees with it. Another way it’s to salt with lemon juice or put salt in a squeezed lemon. We have the famous lemon bleaching method, and that’s the one that uses a combination of lemons and baking soda. And last, but not least, you can just use the lemon itself!

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