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Top 10 Beauty Tips on Having a Fresh and Clean Face


Having a beautiful, clean and acne – free face is something we all want and some even have it. As we grow, our skin is more prone to certain skin conditions, air pollution, bad food, stress and so on. If you want to know what you can do to have a fresh and clean face, read the following 10 tips. It’s the basic routine we should do and there are few DIY remedies to help you in that. Just remember: Our face is something we should never stop taking care of. That takes time and effort to do so, for some more and for some less, but in the end the results are always satisfying for everyone. 

1. Wash, Wash, Wash

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The first and most important advice of all is to wash your face everyday. This is something you should never make excuses for not doing so, because the water washes away the dirt that can clog our pores. Also, the skin products you use (if any) enter better inside our skin when it’s clean. You should wash your face with warm water, not hot because it will leave your skin dry, while cold water won’t successfully remove oily grime in clogged pores. After that, you can apply skin care products on a cleaned, fresh skin.

2. You Are What You Eat

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Yes, you surely have already heard this old proverb for hundreds of times, but it is really right. Eating healthy food isn’t important only for your figure or health in general, but for your skin too. You can eat whatever you want, but eventually you are going to pay a price for that – and it will be visible on your face. Greasy food and sweets high in sugar is something you should eat as rare as possible, while you should cut down on fried food and eat more vegetables, fruit and focus on food rich in protein and vitamins.

3. Exercise 


You may be tired from always hearing how exercising is important, but the reality is just that – it really is. In this case, doing physical activity matters because it boosts the circulation in our body and can make our skin glow more and better. Make sure to properly clean your face after exercising with water and preferably with a cleanser. It’s important to clean it because sweating can cause an acne break out.

4. Dealing with Acne

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Acne is a skin problem that many face during their teenage years thanks to puberty and eventually leave it behind as years pass, but some have struggle with it even in their 20’s or later. You buy skin products against acne break – out and see if it’s going to help, or you can try a homemade natural remedy. There are many recipes on the Internet and the basil treatment is one of them. Why basil? Thanks to it’s soothing, toning and anti – inflammation properties, the basil is can do good to your skin. The link will provide you with how to make your own Basil Acne Toner and information on how to use it.

5. Exfoliate Your Lips

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A little break from the skin talking. Lips deserve your attention as well. Don’t forget to use lip balm or other beauty products that will make your lips soft. Of course, you can make your own homemade product and use it to exfoliate them. You can find more DIY‘s on the Internet, and the Bubblegum Lib Scrub is one of them. It’s really cheap and it’s all done in only 2 minutes.You only need sugar, olive oil, bubblegum flavoring and food coloring, which is optional. Check the link for more details about the ingredients. The only thing you have to do is to mix them!

6. …And Your Face Too

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Back on the skin again. Exfoliating should be a part of your beauty routine, because it removes the dry cells from your skin. Depending on what kind of skin your dealing with, from dry skin to clogged pores, that are hundreds of beauty products to buy to help you. Making your own face scrub is another option too. We all know that what nature gave is is irreplaceable and can do wonders as much as the beauty products made in lab! Try your own scrub and see how it will work out. The link provides you with more information on Lemon Honey Face Scrub.

7. Make Your Own Moisturizer 

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Time to make that skin soft! Make your very own moisturizer with the wonderful smell of lavender. Besides the lavender essential oil, you need to buy coconut oil and liquid vitamin E. Just combine the ingredients with few drops and tablespoons and you are ready to go! The face skin is very sensitive and that’s why you should use moisturizer every day. That’s why you should always choose a product that is rich in vitamins and use it after you exfoliate, bath or shave.

8. Potatoes for Dark Eye Circles

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We all know the same trick with cucumber, but have you tried with potatoes? The raw potato it’s not only good in removing the dark eye circles, but it also has an effect on puffy eyes. Grate one or two potatoes and extract the juice, or use thick potato slices. If you choose the juice, soak a cotton ball in it and cover your eyes. If you choose the slices, place them the same. After 10 – 15, take it off and wash carefully your eyes. Repeat for few weeks, once or twice in a day.

9. Use Ice Cubes

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In case you didn’t know, the ice cubes can have the same effect on your puffy eyes as the cucumber or the potato. During hot days, when you feel like your face is dry, rub it with an ice cube to hydrate. If you’re dealing with redness, swollen or any inflammation use the ice cubes – their cooling effect will calm down the irritated skin. Also, you can use the cubes against heat rush, to reduce the greasiness and to prevent an acne from showing up. Ice cubes are so cool, aren’t they?

10. Protect Your Skin from the Sun

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Even though we don’t always feel the sunlight with the same intensity, we should use sunscreen very often, especially during the summer when the rays are really hot. This all affects our skin and we need to protect it. Purchase a sunscreen in order to prevent your face from the bad sun rays. If you follow this and the advice stated below, you will notice positive changes on your skin. You may want to use another moisturizer, face and lip scrub, but you should definitely take care the most you can. Your face and skin will be grateful, especially years from now.

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