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Top 10 Beautiful Hairstyles Ready in 10 Minutes


If only we could have a nice hairstyle everyday, things would have been much better… But, wait – we can! We know this is so hard for many because not everyone knows the moves and has the skills to make a certain hairstyle, but it’s just like people say: practice makes it perfect. We picked 10 simple hairstyles that with practicing, you can make them in 10 minutes or less. There is something for everybody’s taste. Just check them out and find your favorite. 

1. Beachy Side Braid

beachy side braidvia

Lauren Conrad is one of many bloggers, models and celebrities that few months ago did the same thing: they got themselves a bob. Can we blame them for following the trend? Hell, no! This hairstyle is super cute and even though we don’t have the same options that the long hair gives, the bob has it’s own magic. For example, this hairstyle is a combination of beachy waves with a braid. Simple, and so cute!

2. 5 Minute Curls

5 Minute Curlsvia

Curls all the way! Who can resist? This hairstyles comes in many different options and it’s up to us to choose our favorite. Most of the time it requires curling iron and you might don’t want to burn your hair. Here comes the good thing – you can curl your hair without it. Check out the link which will lead to you to 3 different no heat curly hair ideas.

3. Taylor Swift Inspired

taylor swift inspiredvia

Taylor Swift really nailed it with her new short hairstyle. She showed us that having a short hair can really good too. This tutorial is going to show you how to get exactly the same. You need a curling iron, a hairspray and a comb. Make it curly, comb your hair and spray it a bit. You’ll never go out of style!

4. 3 Section Half Up

3 section half upvia

This boho hairstyle is really easy and it will take you just few minutes. Start by collecting hair from the crown and leave out the hairline and the hair above the years. Secure this hair sections with two bobby pins, both in opposite directions. Take a new hair section to the right and pull it over the first one and secure again. Repeat this again with a new hair section, but only from the side of the left pin.

5. Low Braided Bun

low braided bunvia

Buns are seriously one of the cutest hairstyles a girl can have. They can be messy and elegant, depending on the occasion. This one is no exception when it comes to the awesomeness. Just take a look at the instructions on the photo – really simple, isn’t it? Make a ponytail, pull your hair over it, and start tacking the hair over. This is more of the messy type bun, and that’s why we love it!

6. Messy Side Ponytail

messy side ponytailvia

Messy side ponytails are always a good idea, especially if you have a long hair. They are so chic. This one is also very simple to make, there are no advanced hairstyle making skills needed! With few tries, you are going to rock this hairstyle. You only need few bobby pins, a hair tie, teasing comb and hairspray.

7. Two Twisted Buns

two twisted bunvia

Again with the bun obsession! We simply cannot resist them. There are so many bun hairstyles to try out! This one includes two twisted buns. Just separate your hair in two big sections and with each of them make a bun, by twisting around the hair. Secure with bobby pins, pull out some small pieces of hair if you want it messy, apply some hairspray and you are done!

8. Braided Crown

braided crownvia

If you can’t wear a real golden tiara, then at least you can make yourself this beautiful crown. If you don’t know how to braid your hair, you might have difficulties for this crown, but don’t lose hope. Practice makes it perfect, so you will be able to master the hairstyle. Check out the link, there is a video tutorial!

9. Down – Do 

down do via

This look is all about curls and accessory. What’s your favorite hair clip? Flower? Ribbon? Barrette? First of all, make yourself some curls. No heat or with the help of a curling iron, your choice. After you make them, tease your hair in the crown, pull that hair section a bit and secure it with your favorite accessory. It will look so good on you, definitely!

10. Beachy Waves

beachy wavesvia

There is really something magical to the beachy, wavy hairstyle that keep pushing us towards it all over and over again! First of all, you need curls for this, so go and make some. It’s good to apply heat protector before using the curling iron. We want out hair healthy and strong! After that, mess your hair with your hands, and use flat iron for the very ends of the hair.

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