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The Secret of a Girl’s Body Language


The Secret of a Girl’s Body Language

Every woman is a mystery and many men can’t still understand them. Misunderstandings between the sexes can be avoided in many cases if they know the “body language” of each other. Knowledge of body language will give you confidence and irresistibility in the eyes of any woman. Now you have the opportunity to learn how to read Ukrainian girl’s body language. This knowledge will help you in all situations when you need to communicate with the opposite sex.


The following gestures are typical for all women:

  • If a girl likes a man, then she will behave with this person quite differently being in society, not like with the rest. This behavior is a sure sign that she likes you. Bear in mind that, at first glance, such a change in behavior seems completely illogical and incomprehensible from the male point of view. For example, a girl laughs for no apparent reason, although no one from the company said anything funny. Or, on the contrary, she is confused and delayed with an answer to the elementary question. Pay attention to her behavior –this is a true sign of her sympathy.
  • When a girl as if accidentally touches you while communicating or just look at you, or she straightens her hair, for example, or twists a curl between her fingers — this means that she definitely likes you! She “switches on” all her charms and wants to seem better than she really is.
  • The following behavior will also tell about the interest in your person: sitting in a cafe or elsewhere in a public place at a table, a girl, as if at ease, takes a pose demonstrating all the dignity of her figure. For example, she leans back, puts one leg on another or in your direction. This also may tell you about her attitude to you and readiness for further contact.
  • Does a girl always look straight in your eyes talking to you? Rejoice because this is a very good sign. Be sure: if you were indifferent to her (especially unpleasant), she would not behave like that! If there are warmth and embarrassment in this look, then only a shy or a stupid man will not guess what that means! Act!
  • If you want to find out whether a girl likes you, look after her touch. Watch whether she touches you. If a girl touches you very often, this is a clear sign of her sympathy and non-indifference. However, you need to understand that if she touches her clothes, it means that she feels uncomfortable in your presence.
  • Look how a girl reacts to your smile. Everyone knows that people are getting closer with the help of a smile. Therefore, if a girl smiles at you in return — she likes you anyway. But if she suddenly turns away, this is a sure sign that there is nothing to count on.
  • A sincere smile is a smile not only with people’s lips but with their eyes as well. If you see that there is a sparkle in her eyes when you look at a girl — she is yours! But if there is cold in her eyes and her smile is not natural — it’s time to pay the bill and say goodbye.

Of course, all the listed secrets are not the whole alphabet of sign language. Studying gradually all the movements and positions of the body, you can perfectly master the art of knowing the thoughts and feelings of women. There are many ways to help you know that a girl likes you. You just need to be observant and attentive. And then you will be able to see and understand the language of gestures, emotions, and actions. And most importantly, don’t forget that you are a man. Your indecisiveness can provoke an ambiguous behavior of a girl. So stay strong and brave, take the initiative when it’s necessary, and any girl may really like you!

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