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ten Remedy Of Typical Skin Difficulties With Spices


Solution Of Common Skin Problems With Spices

You could have faced skin problems and you have tried a lot of cosmetics to get rid of them.But the cosmetics has the side results as they include chemical compounds.A lot of of the cosmetics are also really costly.You can try residence remedies for your skin issues with the very easily available spices from your kitchen.There is no side results as they are organic.And also minimal price in contrast with the cosmetics available in the marketplace.In this subject I will share all-natural treatments manufactured of spices for 10 frequent skin troubles you have faced.The widespread troubles and their remedies are:

Right here Are Resolution Of Widespread Skin Troubles With Spices


Individuals who have oily skin they have faced acne problems. You can use these two packs to get rid of your acne.Combine few drops of lemon juice with cinnamon powder and apply more than the acne. Depart it for 15 minutes.Wash with plain water.Mix one pinch of Camphor, 1 teaspoon of clove powder and 2 teaspoon of sandal powder with each other and apply it above acne.When it acquired dry wash it with water.



Combine 1 teaspoon of cumin powder, one teaspoon turmeric powder, 1 teaspoon mustard powder and 1 teaspoon wheat flour and make a smooth paste.Apply this paste more than your blemishes and rinse off with water soon after 20 minutes.



Do you concerned about wrinkles in your skin? Tried numerous ready manufactured pack obtainable in industry but didnot get anticipated consequence.Try this.Mix fenugreek powder with almond oil and apply. Rinse off when dried.

Fenugreek Seeds


In summer almost each and every body have faced sunburn due to over exposure in sun. The specified encounter pack provides you comfort in sunburn and removes the dilemma.Make a paste with one teaspoon of poppy seed paste,one teaspoon sandal powder, honey and potato juice and apply over the impacted location. Rinse the pack when it get dried.

Poppy Seeds


Really don’;t use soap if you have a dilemma of dryness.Make a fine paste with bay leaves and water. Apply this paste in your encounter,hand and feet. Get a bath soon after half an hour.

Bay leaves

To Get Smooth And radiant Skin:

Do you have rough or uneven skin? Want smooth and radiant skin in natural way? Consider a single of these packs specified under.Take 1 table spoon of apple juice, sesame seed paste, papaya paste and mix it in a smooth paste. Apply it over your encounter and wash off when got dried.To get smooth and radiant skin apply a home manufactured paste manufactured of Orange peel paste, curd and sandal powder above your face. Rinse right after 20 minutes.

Sesame seeds

For Bright Skin:

Have you misplaced brightness of your skin? You can recover it merely. Add sesame seed paste, mashed banana and fullers earth together. Make a smooth paste of it and apply on your skin. Rinse with cold water. This pack gives you brilliant and a visibly stunning skin.

Sesame seed


Consider one teaspoon mustard powder, one teaspoon fennel seed powder, one/2 teaspoon tirmeric powder, i teaspoon oatmeal, two teaspoon rose water and make a paste of it. Typical use of this pack will remedy the pigmentation difficulty of your skin.

Black Mustard

Dead Cell Getting rid of:

Add one teaspoon olive oil and a pinch of salt and mix together. Scrub your face with this mixture. It gently take away your dead cells and gives you a vivid skin.

Olive oil

Black Patch:

To eliminate black patch from your skin take 1 tea spoon of coriander powder and a pinch of turmeric powder to make a paste. Apply this paste all above your encounter and hold it for total evening. Wash the pack with cold water in morning.

Coriander Seeds

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