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Tasty DIY Raspberry Lemonade Lip Balm


This raspberry lemonade lip balm is just great, especially for spring and coming summer time! Come to feel the excellent properties and wonderful taste of all-natural raspberries! You’ll require 1/3 cup freeze dried raspberries, two tablespoons coconut oil, one tablespoon beeswax, 3 drops lemon important oil, tubes or containers to keep your lip balm. Crush about one/3 cup freeze dried raspberries into a fine powder. They’ll add amazing flavor along with a pretty tint to the lip balm. Use a double boiler approach to melt down the bees wax and coconut oil. Stirring consistently will help speed up the melting process. Take away from the heat and include in the important oil and powdered raspberries. Continue reading the tutorial in the supply.

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