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Supermodel Georgia Might Jagger Shares Her Attractiveness Secrets and techniques


Just before I declared new Rimmel Wonder’;lash the best drugstore mascara I’;d tried in many years, I was introduced to it by Georgia May Jagger.

Yes, that Georgia May possibly Jagger. The youngest daughter of Rolling Stones legend Mick Jagger and model Jerry Hall has has been one particular of the faces of Rimmel London since 2009 (when she was just 17 years outdated!).

Now 23, her occupation is soaring. She was named Model of the 12 months at the British Fashion Awards in 2009 and last 12 months graced’;s list of the world’;s top 50 designs. In addition to Rimmel, she has appeared in campaigns for Chanel, Versace, Hudson Jeans and Thierry Mugler, and graced the covers of British Vogue, L’;Officiel and ELLE France, to identify a number of.

Georgia was in Toronto just lately for the Wonder’;lash launch, and we received to sit down for a chat about all items beauty!

Georgia May Jagger at the 2014 Delete Blood Cancer gala. Georgia May Jagger at the 2014 Delete Blood Cancer gala.

What are the attractiveness goods you can’;t reside with no?

Moisturizer. the one I like is truly light and organic. I generally like colour, vibrant makeup, so I never like just natural makeup. But my [skincare] products are very normal. So moisturizer I have to have because I have got actually dry, English skin. 

Mascara I have to have since I cannot go out without having sporting mascara. 

The new Rimmel Wonder'Lash Mascara With Argan Oil. The new Rimmel Wonder’;Lash Mascara With Argan Oil.

The other 1 would be a great matte red lipstick. I prefer an orangey-red and super, super matte. I like the In Love with Ginger which is one of the Kate Moss ones. 

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in In Love with Ginger. Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in In Really like with Ginger.

Also the Demonstrate Off Matte Lip Velvet.

Rimmel Show Off Matte Lip Velvet. Rimmel Demonstrate Off Matte Lip Velvet.

I really like eyelash curlers. 

A wonderful exfoliating merchandise. I have this factor called the Cure at the second that I purchased. It requires off the dead skin with no making use of the beads. It’;s not an acid. I will not know how it’;s precisely carrying out it. It’;s acquired alcohol in it, I feel. It is not super-organic, but it truly is not like a chemical-peel variety factor. It really is just taking that first layer of residue off your skin. It truly is fairly very good. 

Cure Natural Aqua Gel. Remedy Organic Aqua Gel.

And I genuinely like Tracie Martyn face products.

Tracie Martyn Complexion Savior Mask. Tracie Martyn Complexion Savior Mask.

What’;s your maintenance routine?

I get my hair carried out every single 3 months. I go for facials, like, twice a yr. I am not truly a facial man or woman. If I’;m going to get a remedy, I will get a Shiatsu massage. I just had acupuncture for the 1st time. It’;s incredible. I didn’;t think I believed in it, but I am actually converted now. I was asleep immediately. I like to go to places like Room NK in London and Liberty’;s attractiveness department and consider out all the new issues. I consider part of currently being in this industry and acquiring to talk about new merchandise all the time has manufactured me go from an individual who only utilised 1 eyeliner to getting this person who has so a lot stuff. I do not even use it all, but I just really like to try out new products.

What is your attractiveness trademark?

Red lipstick, almost certainly.

Georgia May Jagger at the 2014 Serpentine Gallery summer party. Georgia May possibly Jagger at the 2014 Serpentine Gallery summer season celebration.

What is the greatest elegance tip you have learned from makeup artists over the years?

I understand lots of fantastic ideas all the time and I try out to select up on all of them. But I usually say never get stuck in your regimen. I like to have exciting. I like to try new colours, particularly eyeshadows or lipsticks. So I would say never get stuck in one particular look—experiment.

How will you switch up your makeup for spring?

For spring, I suppose I go more into doing factors as tints. In winter, I really like possessing vivid makeup, like a bold red lip or one thing, due to the fact I discover when the weather’;s really dreary, it really is very wonderful to have one thing with a bit far more colour. For spring, I would do far more rosy colours—more light pinks. Instead of putting on the complete coat of it, I would function it in with my fingers and dab it as a tint, and then do a bit on the cheeks. Occasionally I’;ll even use something like a gloss on my eyelids, which sounds actually weird. Not a genuinely sticky 1, but more like a shiny, all-natural seem.

Do you have any guidelines for how you like to apply your mascara?

For each day, I’;ll just do one particular coat. I’;ll dab the finish of the wand in which it typically gets a bit of extra mascara on a tissue, due to the fact it stops it obtaining so a lot in the inner corner. I tend to use it going [the horizontal] way for the inner corner, and then the extended way. If I’;m going to do it for evening, you can sit it in the root and then move it around a minor bit, so you get a thicker coating on the roots but nonetheless fanned out at the suggestions. I only place a small bit on the bottom lashes.

Georgia May Jagger at a Longchamp store opening in 2013. Georgia Might Jagger at a Longchamp shop opening in 2013.

How long have you been doing work with Rimmel and what created you decide to spouse with the brand?

4 years. But it was the 1st ever casting that I did, when I was 15, but I was too youthful at the time. They did not retain the services of me till two years later. Clearly in England, it’;s this kind of a big brand for us. It really is all over the place in all of our Boots, which is our edition of CVS or what ever. So I have grown up with it, and seeing Kate [Moss] so significantly my complete daily life. So it truly is like, yeah, certainly I was going to say yes.

Expanding up, did you constantly truly feel cozy in your personal skin—or if not, what was your partnership to beauty?

I would say much more on the not. I was not really allowed to have suitable grown-up makeup ’;til I was 13. So my romantic relationship with it was far more one of glitter, and kids’; kind of makeup. It’;s usually been a entertaining partnership I have had with it. I started off wearing crazy colors and stuff. As I am functioning with diverse makeup artists, I commenced to understand how to do that stuff in a quasi-grown-up way rather than my version of it when I was younger.

Did you ever sneak some of your mom’;s makeup?

Yeah. She had a entire dresser of lipsticks. It was always the packaging—the ones with the shiny gold packaging—that interested me the most.

Georgia May Jagger and Jerry Hall at a Sunglass Hut event in 2013. Georgia Could Jagger and Jerry Hall at a Sunglass Hut occasion in 2013.

Who are your beauty icons?

I really like the old Hollywood makeup search. Individuals like Veronica Lake, even Mae West’;s sassy technique. My mom and other ’;70s models, people like Lauren Hutton and Grace Jones. Angelica Huston. Lupita [Nyong’;o]. She does incredible things with her eyeshadow. I’;m super-jealous and wish I could look that very good in orange eyeshadow.

Is there any attractiveness method you would really like to improve on?

I consider performing a smoky eye with powder is quite challenging and which is actually a genuine makeup talent. Eyeliner, often I get it truly correct and often I just don’;t and it requires me a couple tries. So I would like to be able to do that in a second. Like my mom can do hers actually nicely. So I’;d like to be ready to figure that out 1 day.

When do you really feel most like your self?

I suppose just at residence. When I am staying with my mum, when I’;m out with my canine in Richmond [London]. Just not sporting something fancy or really significantly makeup at all. It truly is annoying due to the fact the a lot more you model, the significantly less you want to in fact dress in large heels or things like that.

Georgia May Jagger at the 2011 Rimmel Kate Moss celebration. Georgia May possibly Jagger at the 2011 Rimmel Kate Moss celebration.

If you could go back to your teen many years, what beauty lessons would you like to tell by yourself?

Never put on as well a lot makeup. Will not worry about it. Be different from other men and women. I feel which is 1 you neglect due to the fact when you are a teenager, you just want to be the very same as men and women you see, or pop stars or what ever. Then as quickly as you get older, you want to attempt various factors and you nearly truly feel like it truly is as well late. I will not believe it is ever too late, but I would say march to the beat of your very own drum. 

How do you think modelling in our Instagram-obsessed age is various from modelling in your mom’;s time?

Everything’;s quite interconnected. You are receiving it quickly. I feel it is really hard in a way, due to the fact it loses its element of shock. Unless of course you had been there to see the demonstrate, you would not know about the garments until finally the campaign came out. Now it is all immediate. So in a way, it takes away some of the magic. But I do still appreciate seeing every thing on Instagram. I am a really digital man or woman. I like all the photographs and prefer it in excess of Twitter or other social media that’;s just written things.

What’;s your message to youthful females who search up to the “ideal” designs they see on social media and in magazines?

It is tough for individuals to understand when they see photos like that. I believe individuals know about Photoshop now, but there’;s all this other stuff that goes into it. It really is not automatically like you wake up that morning or each and every day and you happen to be like that. Girls who are models, they are naturally skinny and they have naturally great skin. But to be trustworthy, I have observed ladies with huge acne breakouts and all kinds of skin problems. Girls are human. It is not as they envision it to be. It truly is a whole lot much less glamorous. 

Georgia May Jagger at the 2012 Vogue Festival party. Georgia May possibly Jagger at the 2012 Vogue Festival party.

Do you have any ideas for or against Photoshop?

I think there’;s a way to do it in a standard way and then there is a way to do it which is unusual. Sometimes if you have a zit and stuff, it really is like you can’;t win presently. If you had been putting out makeup ads and I have a massive zit there, but every little thing else is fine, the only thing they’;re going to re-touch is the zit. You’;d variety of be like, “Why am I looking at a basis ad with a person who has a zit in it?” In that way, it’;s part of the industry simply because they are generating an picture which is not always completely always realistic. There is a makeup man or woman, a hair particular person, there’;s a wind machine, there is lighting, there’;s all these things that go into it. It is in a way make-believe, even even though we’;re offering genuine items and actual appears. 

My thing would be, it’;s unusual when men and women consider [off] components of you, like when they take off your mole. That’;s the issue that I uncover weird, if I see a picture of me and someone’;s taken off a freckle. Not everyone’;s some smooth piece of skin with no freckles or something on it. But which is often what ends up occurring. You cannot distort all your characteristics. When you are a properly-recognized person anyway, men and women will notice. If I all of a sudden do not have a gap in my teeth when you see a image of me, you’;re going to be like, “What is going on there?”

Georgia’;s Makeup

Georgia May Jagger at the Canadian launch of Rimmel Wonder'lash. Georgia Might Jagger at the Canadian launch of Rimmel Wonder’;lash.

Here is what Rimmel makeup artist Vanessa Jarman used on Georgia for the event:

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