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Step Up Your Skincare Game With Foreo Cleansers


Sponsored Foreo LUNA is a game changer when it comes to cleansing and exfoliating your skin to keep your complexion healthy and glowing. This innovative skincare device delivers deep yet gentle facial cleansing via T-Sonic™ pulsations with ultra-soft and smooth rounded silicone touch-points that are totally nonabrasive even for sensitive skin types.

I loved my Foreo LUNA right from the start…you can read my detailed review here. It’s compact, smartly designed and gentle on my sensitive & breakout-prone problematic skin. And the best thing? It’s way more hygienic than nylon bristled brushes and never needs brush replacement!

FOREO Cleanser Range

Much to my delight, Foreo recently introduced the DAY and NIGHT cleansers that have been specifically designed to perfectly complement LUNA devices. The transformative formulas of Foreo’s facial cleansers come to life when activated by the LUNA’s T-Sonic pulsations that stimulate the active ingredients so they penetrate deeper into the skin, maximizing absorption and efficacy without compromising on gentleness.

Foreo Day and Night Cleansers

Formulated with powerful natural active ingredients, Foreo’s DAY and NIGHT cleansers are tailored to the skin’s specific daytime and nighttime needs. They do not contain any Silicone, Alcohol, Phthalates, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Propylene Glycol or Phenoxyethanol.

Let’s begin with the day cleanser…

Foreo Awakening Radiance Yogurt Day Cleanser – This is a creamy cleanser featuring mandarin, bergamot, and apricot fruit extracts to purify and hydrate, while yoghurt probiotics and vitamin C moisturize and protect the skin against daily external aggressions. The formula has a light, creamy yogurt-like texture that transforms into a lush foam when I use it with my LUNA device.

The sulfate-free formula is really gentle on my dry, senstive skin and I love how soft, smooth and refreshed my face feels after using it. I feel like my pores are getting properly excavated but not stripped. And did I mention how much I love its citrusy-fresh scent that really makes me look forward to use this cleanser every morning! This one is a total winner for me!

Foreo Awakening Radiance Yogurt Day Cleanser

Foreo Celestial Melting Gel Night Cleanser – This is a gentle, detoxifying cleanser formulated to bring comfort to your skin as it winds down to sleep. Infused with meteorite powder, moringa extract, and almond oil for gentle deep cleansing, it has a silky gel texture that melts into a velvety milk once activated by LUNA’s T-Sonic pulsations. Although not sudsy, it really does a great job of removing all dirt, makeup and pollutants, without leaving behind any pore-clogging residue. It leaves my skin thoroughly clean without a trace of makeup left on my face! This one also has a light, soothing floral fragrance that’s just perfect to get your skin ready for a blissful night’s rest. 

Foreo Celestial Melting Gel Night Cleanser

As I said before, Foreo LUNA has earned a permanent spot in my skincare regimen and these DAY and NIGHT cleansers are the perfect companions to my LUNA device for a full circle cleansing routine. If you haven’t tried the LUNA range yet – you definitely should. I really think it’s a smart investment that will pay in the long run by keeping your skin in tip top shape!

FOREO Awakening Radiance Yogurt Day Cleanser ($ 29.95) and Celestial Melting Gel Night Cleanser ($ 39.95) are available at, Sephora/ & Neiman Marcus.

PS : If you are looking for a great holiday gift set, check out this Foreo LUNA skincare ritual gift collection ($ 265 value) that includes the pink LUNA for Normal/Sensitive skin paired with the Day and Night Cleansers!

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