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Spring in a Bottle! Bella Vince Camuto


Press sample Looking for a new pick-me-up scent for spring? Say hello to Vince Camuto’s new Bella eau de parfum! The newest addition to Vince Camuto’s celebrated floral fragrance collection, Bella brings a lot-essential sunshine to the common cold & dreary days of winter and transports your senses to a complete new world of olfactory goodness!

Looking for a new pick-me-up scent for spring? Say hello to Vince Camuto’s new Bella eau de parfum that brings much-needed sunshine to the common cold & dreary days of winter!

Bella Vince Camuto incorporates notes of Nectarine Blossoms, Italian Bergamot, and Jasmine Water mingled with a base of White Amber to create a vibrantly warm, whimsical bouquet. Celebrating the allure, passion, and sensuality concealed within all women, Bella transports the senses to sprawling floral gardens, the remembered scent of one’s object of desire and scenes of unforgettable elegance.

Leading Notes   | Italian Bergamont, Peach Nectar, Pear, Lemon Ice

Heart Notes |  Strawberry Flower, Nectarine Blossoms, Jasmine Water

Base Notes   | Solar Musk, White Amber, Sandalwood, Blonde Woods, Caramelized Wood

Vince Camuto Bella eau de parfum

The very first time I wore Bella Vince Camuto, I literally could not stop sniffing myself! Oh, gosh! It smells so excellent! Soft citrusy-floral and refreshing, but not heavy…just the kind of scent I can not resist!

The delightful combination of jasmine water and nectarine blossoms can make it an very wearable scent with a sense of elegance and simplicity. Bella offers you ample punch to make a obvious statement but not as well significantly to be overbearing. It’s a juicy fresh, divine blend that right away place me in a content location. After you knowledge it first hand you’ll see why! For me, it is one of individuals number of fragrances that is ideal for any occasion, whether it’s for daytime at the office or a romantic date evening. Elegance and femininity at its finest!

Bella Vince Camuto eau de parfum

For such a soft perfume, I was shocked that it lasts pretty effectively, several hours and just a handful of spritzes is all I need. Bella has rapidly turn into my favored spring fragrance, hands down! And can we get a minute to talk about the packaging? I enjoy the glamorous perfume bottle decorated with a mystical golden crown and a Vince Camuto signature crest medallion tied to an orange ribbon. This kind of a stunning addition to my vanity!

Be positive to give Bella Vince Camuto a sniff following time you’re visiting a Macy’s or Ulta. It actually smells like spring in a bottle! Available at major merchants nationwide for $ 78 (3.4 oz)

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