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Six Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles for Special Occasions


Guest post by Tiffany Brenning

Braids are all the rage this season! Whether it be a dutch braid, waterfall braid or milkmaid braid, this little touch of flair is the perfect way to spice up your everyday hair routine. Braids are also an easy way to keep your hair out of your face without losing style points! Whether you need some inspiration for your holiday parties or a special occasion, this is the article for you. Check out these 6 gorgeous braided updos that can change an ordinary hairstyle into a chic & trendy look!

Loose Side French Braid

You may find the classic French Braid too simple for a special occasion. But the moment you mix it up with a wonderful side waterfall braid, you get something super chic!



To start your look, section one side of your hair in 3 even portions which you should keep separated with your fingers. Start crossing the 3 strands into a normal braid. Once you have an initial foundation, you can add an extra strand of hair with each crossing you make. Take the strand, mix it with a bit of hair you take from the hairline, and then cross the new strand over the middle one. Continue braiding the hair until you are one inch close to the neckline. From this point on, start braiding horizontally to the other side.

By the time you reach the other ear, you should have gathered all the hair into one French Braid. Finish the one braided strand and secure the ending with an elastic band. If you don’t want your hair to hang, you can seamlessly attach the ending to the French Braid.

Twisted side braids

You can begin by selecting two portions of hair on either side of your head. These will be your two-sided braids, so you should obtain 3 strands of hair for each of the two sections.


You can use the French braid technique for both of them, or just simply twist the strands until the very end. The moment you reach the middle of your head, you can finish them by securing them with elastic bands or bobby pins.

From here on, you have two options. Yu can leave the second half of your hair in free waves. The other choice would be to fix all your hair into a ponytail in the back. By proceeding this way, you can add a seamless detail by wrapping the two French braids around the ponytail holder.

Bohemian Messy Braid

This boho braid will give you the look of a fairytale princess. Begin by pulling all your hair by own side and secure it loosely with a small elastic band. Split it out into two even sections. Take a small strand of hair from either one of them, and cross it over with the second section. Repeat this move with the other side.


Braid all your hair in this fashion until you finish all of it. In the end, secure it with a small band and remove the one that you used on the basis of the braided updo.

Two Fishtail Braids

One of the best braid styles that withstood the test of time is the fishtail braid. The two fishtail braided hairstyle blends casual chic with the elegant look you want and it will also make you appear younger! You can start by sectioning your hair in two strands. Start by creating two French Braids. Once you reach the end of the head, you can continue with two-sided regular braids.


The final and most important touch to your new look is to pull out the strands without actually disentangling them completely. Your two braids will look messy, but with an irresistible charm of their own.

Halo Braid

For this halo braided updo, all you have to do is create a reverse French braid all around your head. This means that when you cross the 3 strands of hair, you will actually bring one under and not over the other. This is how you obtain the look of a crown made of your hair.


For the Halo Braided updo, you need to start the inverted French braid from the nape upwards. Always braid your hair near the edges, thus leaving the center alone. Braid your hair until you arrive at the starting line again. Tuck the hair left on your hair and secure it with a hairpin.

Braided Bun Updo

The braided bun will give you an elegant, classy and stylish look. You can start by taking two vigorous strands of hair from each side of your head. Begin creating a reverse French braid from the temples to the back of your head. Cross the two braids and secure them with a pin for the moment.


Gather the bottom half of your hair into a simple braid of 3 strands of hair. Get it all together into a little bun with a hairpin. The final step would be to wrap the first two braids around the middle bun and secure it all with a pin.

Which of these braided hairstyles do you like the most? Which one will you be trying out first?

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