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Scoop NYC – The Ultimate Shopping Experience for All


Scoop is a fashion boutique which opened its doors for the people of New York City back in 1996. Today it proudly owns 17 boutiques in the country, satisfying thousands of customers every day. Scoop’s ability to cater to the needs of customers of all ages and sexes, along with addressing their every need; from clothes to shoes and from formal to casual wear, is what has earned it the title of being “The Ultimate Closet“.

Why Choose Scoop?

The answer to this is very simple, because scoop has something for everyone and for all occasions. Whether you are a girl or a buy, whether you are heading out for a casual day out with your friends or going to attend a formal dinner, or even looking for some trendy clothes to wear for work, Scoop is the shop where you can find it all. If you don’t have a scoop store located near by or even if you are just too lazy to go out and shop, they have the facility for you to shop online from their website. As soon as the order is confirmed, it reaches you within two days and if there’s any issue such as size problems then they also honestly offer free return policy, without any hassles, which is rare to find these days.

New Arrivals at Scoop

Let’s start with a look at some of the Latest Arrivals at Scoop.

Here’s a sexy pleated mini skirt which you can pair with your favourite tops, whether its a sweater or a crop top.

 Get it here

Skinny Jeans can never go out of fashion and these beautiful denim skinny jeans can be gorgeously styled the way you like.

 Get it here

Of course Scoop is never far behind when it comes to accessories. The latest collection includes a number of gorgeous scarves, sunglasses and other accessories to match with your outfits.

 Get the latest Scoop accessories here

A wonderful floral swimwear trunk.

 Buy it here

There’s some great casual wear for men in really nice and decent colours.


And there are many winter outfits that are perfect for work and even for college going guys.


And here’s a sneak peak of their latest jewellery collection for girls and women.

So this review of the latest Scoop collection surely proves our point that they have something for everyone.

 Now that we have given you a glimpse of the things they have and what sort of shopping experience you can expect from them, I’ll review some of the main products.

As mentioned earlier, it’s a complete store for women and men. Whether you are looking for clothing items, accessories, sun-glasses or shoes, they have it all here. Everything is chic and stylish but also pretty different so every customer can find something they love. The products are different from what you have in the market and come at really affordable prices. There’s embroidery as well as printed and floral stuff. The items are all influence from the latest fashion trends as the fashion designers working there are the best ones. For example, the 2015 collection was influenced by Kate Moss and Johny Depp. Everything is of the best quality, with great focus on the finishing of the product so customers are hardly ever dissatisfied with their experience.

Here’s a list of all the great things that Scoop NYC’s iconic fashion boutiques offers for girls and women:

For Women

For Men

Dont Miss the Mega Sale

So hurry now and get these awesome items at the best prices since the store is currently offering a sale of up to 50%.

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