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Nail It! Spring Nail Trends & Guidelines


Spring has ultimately sprung! It’s time to pack up your dark, vampy winter nail colors and get prepared for vibrant new spring shades. Examine out the hottest manicure looks & trends you need to have to consider this season…get prepared for stripes, ombré, daring nail art, sheer glossy cremes and a lot of chic metallics!

Spring Nail Trends & Tips - Get fresh manicure inspiration for spring with bright creams, stripes, ombré, bold nail art, and plenty of chic metallics!

Spring/Summer Nail 2015 Trends

1) Half moon manicures go pop art – Leveled to include volume to the half moon for a far more 3Dlook. Brilliant colors like turquoise, coral, and red are vibrant adequate to get all the correct focus.

Half moon manicure

two) Stripe manicures Either numerous modest stripes against a bare nail or just a single stripe down the middle, off-center, horizontally, or vertically are all the correct techniques to strip down your manicure this spring.


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spring nail trends

3) A classic a single-shade manicure is an understated impact this season: just a topcoat shine, crimson red, or glossy coral will do the trick.

Glossy coral nail polish

4) Nail Art – 3D is the way to go, long gone are the days of squiggly lines of diverse colors to be referred to as nail art. Appliques like gold chains, pearls, and even letters wow the crowd. If understated nail artwork is more your factor, than go totally bare with nails and add a super modest stone for embellishment on both just 1 or two fingers. Matte topcoat for bonus points!


5) Double tipped French manicures – Think white tip and a brilliant pastel or sparkly metallic color lined correct beneath or over the white line.

Double tip French manicure

Hand, Feet and Nail Care Guidelines:

1) Soak your hands and feet just before you start off your nail routine following the shower is the best time. Use warm water, include Epsom salt to help alleviate any ache and add a couple drops of lavender crucial oil to include to the pamper experience.

2) Exfoliate hands and feet regularly. Wash away dead skin cells that make skin look boring with your favored exfoliator. Whilst you can use an exfoliator on your feet, skin on the feet is so rough it’s very best to use a pumice stone to grind away with.

3) Moisturize following cleansing and sanitizing. Soaps and hand (especially) sanitizers strip important oils from the hands. Employing a moisturizer brings luster back to hands and nails. Careful with hand sanitizers, they make nail polish chip more rapidly!

4) Use cuticle oil routinely to maintain nail beds effectively moisturized. This genuinely helps with pushing back the cuticle.

5) Hand lotions and foot creams had been produced especially to provide useful ingredients to these components of the bodies. Do not underestimate the value of specific lotions for distinct components of the entire body.

6) Usually use a base and topcoat when painting nails. The base assures a smooth, flawless application and the best coat seals that polish in to ensure at least a couple extra days of a fresh manicure ahead of polish starts to chip.

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