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Lippie Love: Hynt Beauty ARIA Pure Lipsticks


Press sampleHynt Beauty is a line of luxurious color and skincare cosmetics that’s all-natural, toxin-free and formulated with antioxidant-rich organic ingredients to hydrate, soothe and rejuvenate the skin. Hynt Beauty products are free of any irritants or potentially harmful chemicals like parabens, nano particles, GMO’s, petrochemicals, artificial preservatives, gluten, FD&C dyes, silicones as well as animal cruelty-free all and PETA-certified Vegan so there is no wondering or double checking, ever!

Hynt Beauty

From perfecting concealer to luxuriously pure lipstick in skin-loving shades, Hynt Beauty offers an exquisite product collection of luxury, organic makeup for the natural beauty mavens! I tried a couple of shades of Hynt Beauty’s ARIA Pure Lipstick…take a look!

Hynt Beauty ARIA Pure Lipsticks

Lip Pampering Ingredients in ARIA Pure Lipstick:

Pure GMO-Free Hydrating Complex: Cares for dehydrated and damaged skin by boosting water absorption across the 3 epidermis layers. Anti-wrinkle active for smoother, plumper lips.

Organic Castor Seed Oil : Extremely gentle on the skin and its water-binding abilities keep moisture close to the skin’s surface.

Organic Jojoba Oil : Smoothes, moisturizes and prevents dryness at skin’s deeper layers. Breathable and non-greasy, the oil is also a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Sunflower Oil : Extremely high in Vitamin E and packed with anti-oxidants that protect the skin cells from environmental aggressors including UVA light. Creates a protective barrier for moisture retention and softens and smooths lips with vitamins and fatty acids that help regenerate skin cells.

The two shades that I tried are Passion Plum and Shiraz. Passion plum is a soft plummy pink that’s a great everyday color you can wear to work or out running errands. Shiraz is a rosy pink-red…it’s a lovely shade that draws attention to your face without being too dramatic in color.

Hynt Beauty ARIA Pure Lipsticks in Shiraz and Passion Plum

This luxuriously creamy lipstick goes on really smooth with just one swipe! I don’t have to put on more than two layers to get a vibrant effect. It dries to a beautiful, satiny semi-matte finish but never, ever leave lips feeling dried out or uncomfortable, nor does the lipstick flake. With its hydrating blend of organic oils, the formula is truly moisturizing yet lightweight and I don’t feel the urge to apply lip balm throughout the day.

Hynt ARIA Pure Lipsticks

The formula is not super long-lasting but I usually get about two to 3 hours of wear without much eating or drinking. When the color does begin to fade, it does so evenly. Another thing I really love about this gorgeous lipstick is that it comes with a small mirror and a mouth freshening lip conditioner at the top of the lipstick case, which makes on-the-go applications hassle-free! Plus, the black tube is really sleek, and I love having it on display on my vanity. 

ARIA Pure Lipstick

Here are the swatches:

ARIA Pure Lipstick swatches

Passion Plum and Shiraz

Overall, ARIA Pure lipstick won me over with its beautiful color payoff and hydrating formula that seriously delivers in the pigment and texture department! Not to mention, it’s all-natural, vegan and free of FD&C dyes. I like! Available at for $ 29 each.

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