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Press sampleClean has long been known for their fresh, crisp and unique fragrance blends and their newest range, CLEAN Reserve takes things a step further. Nothing is better than a fragrance that not only smells great but also has an eco-conscious sustainability and that’s exactly what the CLEAN Reserve line is all about!

CLEAN Reserve is a new luxury fragrance collection of 9 “niche, authentic, sustainable and personal” fragrances blended with raw ingredients that are ethically harvested and manufactured with the lowest possible carbon footprint, all while giving back to their farmers, tribes and communities to sustain their crops and economies.

CLEAN Reserve Blonde Rose! Nothing is better than a fragrance that not only smells great but also has an eco-conscious sustainability and that’s exactly what the CLEAN Reserve line is all about.


Each CLEAN Reserve fragrance was created to be dynamic and evoke, not memories of the past, but possibilities and experiences yet to be discovered. The scents are linear, without much shifting from top to bottom notes, making them ideal for layering and blending. The new line boasts 6 new fragrances  — Amber Saffron, Blonde Rose, Smoked Vetiver, Sueded Oud, Terra Woods and Velvet Flora — plus new ‘Reserve Blend’ editions of 3 older Clean fragrances — Rain, Skin and Warm Cotton.

I tried out CLEAN Reserve Blonde Rose which is described as a ‘true feminine balanced floral that is subtle yet sophisticated and sexy. Watery freshness and zesty lime exhilarates and uplifts, while rose, soft jasmine and peony reveal a simple yet beautiful purity. Our perfumer was inspired by an escape to a warm bubble bath infused with rose petals and a daydream.’


  • Top Notes: Aldehydic Watery, Lime
  • Middle Notes: Rose, Peony, Jasmine
  • Base Notes: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Musk
CLEAN Reserve Blonde Rose fragrance

First off, this is not a typical rose fragrance. Going by the name, I expected a heavy dose of sweet rosy goodness but much to my pleasant surprise, it turned out to be more of a modern floral with an edge. Yes, it’s essentially a fresh floral but one that has depth with a nice balance of musk and flowery notes. It’s not too sweet and has a modern, sophisticated vibe, which I love. And there’s certainly a hint of masculine element to it, which gives it an interesting twist. According to CLEAN, men can wear it too, especially when paired with Sueded Oud. I think this would be too feminine to wear on its own, without any layering, for most men (at least that’s the way it is for my hubby!)

Although very feminine, I feel like this is not a regular girly-girl scent and I think that’s what adds to its unique charm. True to the CLEAN theme, it does smell clean & warm and isn’t cloying or heady at all.  It’s subtle enough to be appropriate for wearing to work and I also find it to be a good choice for a lunch date! Another plus point for me is that it’s fairly long-lasting (about 7-9 hours), which is usually not the case with most of the other perfumes in my collection…score!

CLEAN Reserve Blonde Rose is available exclusively at Sephora for $ 90.

Another CLEAN perfume that I have lately been smitten with is CLEAN Blossom. This one is perfection for neroli fans like me!

CLEAN Blossom Fragrance

CLEAN Blossom embodies a strong, feminine and beautiful woman, who has nothing to hide. Inspired by La Fleur D’Oranger/Neroli flower, the Orange Blossom. The CLEAN Blossom woman is like a delicate flower petal falling from the sky into a natural spring, dancing on the water.

The name ‘Neroli’ is a tribute to Princess Nerola, who made this flower essence famous by using it as a perfume at the end of the 17th century.” – Claude Dir. Perfumer Mane & Creator of CLEAN Blossom


  • Top Notes: Tunisian Neroli, Seringa Petals HP, Yellow Freesia
  • Mid Notes: Orange Blossom, Rain Lily HP, Georgia Magnolia, Blue Dianthus
  • Dry Notes: Skin Musk, Cotton Wood, Sensual Sandalwood
CLEAN Blossom perfume


With an uplifting, vibrant blend of Tunisian neroli, rain lily, orange blossom, magnolia and sandalwood, CLEAN Blossom instantly makes me feel at ease…perfect for an instant pick-me-up anytime of the day! It’s truly like Spring in a bottle! There’s something so refreshing and innocent about it without it feeling too young or naive. I wouldn’t hesitate saying it’s my favorite CLEAN perfume so far. My only little gripe is that the longevity of this perfume is not that great, but that hasn’t kept this delectable scent from winning a coveted spot upon my parfum altar!

CLEAN Blossom is available at Sephora and for $ 40 (1 fl.oz) and $ 72 (2.14 fl.oz)

Which of these CLEAN perfumes appeal to you most? Do you have any favorites from the CLEAN fragrance range?

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