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Lanc&ocircme’s New Miracle Cushion Totally Lives Up To Its Title


Now I ultimately get what all the fuss is about with cushion compacts.

Just before I tried Lancôme’;s new 1, known as Miracle Cushion, I was commencing to think it was all just hype.

Y’;all will recall I reviewed the Holika Holika cushion, which is thick, chalky white and will take the cake for the greasiest-looking makeup I have ever experimented with in my lifestyle.

Then I test-drove the Aqua BB cushion from 3LAB, which fared much better. It is a beautiful sheer formula that feels excellent on the skin—but the shade options are a query mark and Medium did not really match for me.

I have also received a evaluation coming up for AmorePacific’;s, which is the authentic cushion compact (they invented the class). I know individuals look to really like it but the smell! I are not able to get past the smell. More on that quickly. In the meantime…

Cue the sound of angels because this product is a winner:

Outer packaging of the new Lancôme Miracle Cushion. Outer packaging of the new Lancôme Miracle Cushion.

Now, you know that 99 percent of the time, ain’;t nothing gonna stand in the way of my loyalty to Make Up For Ever Encounter & Entire body, a.k.a. my favourite foundation of all time. (Sappho tends to make my fave organic 1.)

But Lancôme Miracle Cushion is now a critical contender, specially for travel or if I need to deliver something in my handbag, because no person desires to carry close to a glass foundation bottle and brush (ew!). It also has SPF 23, producing it a handy selection for on-the-go sun protection.

Right here is the glam case. For when I like Lancôme packaging! (Sometimes people navy compacts can feel low cost, but not this.)

Lancôme's glam shiny compact. Lancôme’;s glam shiny compact.

Inside, it looks like every other cushion compact you’;ve seen:

My new prized Lancôme cushion compact. My new prized Lancôme cushion compact.

The sponge itself, which is saturated with the foundation, is very soft, light and squishy. Just tapping it will dispense some product—you don’;t have to push challenging at all.

The saturated sponge of Lancôme Miracle Cushion. The saturated sponge of Lancôme Miracle Cushion.

There are 6 shades in Canada and eleven in the U.S. The brand gave me 3 to try out.

Swatches of the new Lancôme Miracle Cushion. Swatches of the new Lancôme Miracle Cushion.

Regrettably, Lancôme made a decision to make things additional-confusing, as these shade names are for Canada only—in the U.S. they are completely diverse. But I am assuming the real colours are the exact same in every line. Here is my very best guess of what these are:

  • 01 Pure Porcelain = 110 Ivoire C: The lightest and my closest match. This is described as being “for porcelain skin with amazing/pink undertones.” I wouldn’;t describe it as porcelain, just light, but it does have that extremely slight lean to pinkishness. 
  • 02 Beige Rosé = 220 Buff C: This is “for light skin with great/pink undertones.” Basically a darker model of the 01 Pure Porcelain.
  • 04 Beige Miel = 420 Bisque N?: Not 100 percent confident right here, but this one would seem far more neutral. The U.S. description is “for medium-deep skin with neutral undertones.”

The coverage is light to medium, and really buildable. It really reminds me a whole lot of my beloved MUFE Face & Body, because the cushion liquid has a equivalent thin consistency and on your skin, it truly is extremely fresh and weightless. I just dislike when I feel like I am wearing a full mask of basis! So this isn’;t like that.

You will require to use concealer on best, which is fine with me. Powder according to your individual preferences. As you can see, the finish is slightly dewy, even so it’;s not greasy and I believe it really is nonetheless wearable on its own. (Shoutout to the Dior Cheek & Lip Glow I’;m also sporting right here! Evaluation of that over here.)

Wearing the new (just slightly too pink) Lancôme Miracle Cushion. Wearing the new (just slightly as well pink) Lancôme Miracle Cushion.

My one particular gripe is that I wish Lancôme would quit employing so considerably pink! This is an ongoing issue with the brand that most of their foundations have pink undertones instead of neutral or yellow. If you seem at my chin versus my neck and chest, you can see where this cushion doesn’;t very match up 25 percent. So I will have to use a bit of matte bronzer to even items out. (The colour distinction in fact appears worse in the photo than in true life, since digital cameras are so kind like that.) 

The other factor is, as opposed to other cushion compacts, you don’;t get a refill. But at $ 48, I suppose the cost is comparable to 3LAB’;s $ 25 compact, the place you get two. All around $ 50 would seem to be the going charge per substantial-finish cushion.

The Bottom Line

All in all I’;m really impressed! Lancôme certainly did a wonderful task of bringing the cushion compact trend to the mainstream Western market. If you can discover your shade in this lineup, I don’;t believe you’;ll be disappointed!

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