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Jury Duty Outfits – 25 Women’s Outfits to Wear for Jury Duty


Jury Duty Outfits for Women – For some, jury duty can be quite a nerve-wracking job. For others, it may be exciting. No matter what the case is, there is no denying that deciding what to wear for that particular day is one of the most important things on your to-do list and can be extremely tricky. Being a part of court can be pretty overwhelming and among the tens of responsibilities that come along with the duty, one of them is respecting the dress code

You want to dress up in a way that impresses everyone around you. Be it the judges, fellow attorneys, the witnesses or other dignified people present there, everyone is going to have their eyes on you. How you dress will vary according to the objective of your court meeting. Since you already have a whole lot on your mind for that important day, we are here to make your job easier!  Read on for some of the best clothing styles and tips that will help you put together an amazing outfit

How to Dress up For Jury Duty Women

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As you may already know courts follow certain rules and guidelines regarding everything, your outfit should also be in harmony with the specific guidelines provided by the court. It is important to be well informed about the rules and regulations prior to attending the meetings and hearings so you can style your outfit accordingly. As a general rule, your outfit should be business casual or formal. Whatever you choose, make sure you are comfortable wearing it. A stylish outfit is no use if it is not something you are comfortable in. Here are some of the do’s and dont’s you should keep in mind when getting ready to go to a courtroom:


  • Add lots of whites, blacks and browns to your wardrobe
  • Choose a formal or business casual attire
  • Button down shirts and blazers are your bestfriends
  • Go for heels


  • Avoid wearing too many funky colours
  • Say no to casual clothing such as tees, shorts and ripped jeans
  • Try not to expose too much skin – stay modest
  • No unnecessary accessories such as caps, hats and flashy jewellery
  • Flip flops and casual shoes are a big no
  • Do not select anything with an offensive slogan or statement

You need not worry about what to wear anymore as we at outfit trends have rounded up a list of 25 different styles of outfits you can wear when you are going for the assigned job. Take a look!

↓25 – Outfit with Button Down Shirt

As mentioned earlier, for court hearings and other duties button down shirts will be your best friends. They are cool, effortless and almost everyone owns this kind of shirt already! Make sure to not wear one in a bright color. Try to opt for neutral shades to achieve a formal look.

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↓24 – Blazers for the win!

Nothing adds class like a good blazer! With just this one piece you can turn almost any outfit into a formal one. Since white blazers are trending the most this year, check out these 24 Ideas on How to Wear a White Blazer.

Jury Duty Outfit for women


↓23 – Flared Pants For Classy Look

Flared pants and bell bottoms look super chic. It’s a must have for your wardrobe if you are someone who frequently needs to attend work meetings. You can pair it with a tucked in shirt to further enhance your look.

Jury Duty Outfit for women


↓22 – Add A Little Color If You Like

One can get bored of wearing the same kind of neutral shades. If such is your case, you can wear a colored blazer to drift from your usual look. Here are 14 Chic Ways to Wear Yellow outfits

Jury duty outfit for women4


↓21 – Turtle Necks With Cigarette Pants

jury duty outfit for women5


↓20 – Outfit For a Cool Look

jury duty outfit for women6


↓19 – Velvet For Winters

jury duty outfit for women7


↓18 – Go Monochrome

Do black and white outfits ever go out of fashion? the answer is no! You can pair a white top with black dress pants for the ultimate formal look tens of times and you will still not get bored of it.

jury dury outfit for women8


↓17 – All Black Everything

This look is for all the black lovers. You might want to wear cool patterned heels with your completely black outfit to look extra chic. Check out these 25 Celebrities All Black outfits Styles for Fall to Copy.

jury duty outfit for women9


↓16 – Matched Suit For A Sophisticated Look

jury duty outfit for women10


↓15 – Semi Formal Top For Chic Look

Jury Duty Outfit for women11


↓14 – Neutral Sweaters

In winters, you can even wear sweaters and style them in a way that makes you look sophisticated. Subtle colors work better than brighter ones.

Jury Duty Outfit for women12


↓13 – Stripes Work For Every Occasion

When in doubt, wear stripes! For a business casual attire, stripes work best with a collared shirt but you can also wear it with a round neck and add a blazer to complete your look. Here are 10 Ways to Wear Striped Shirts.

Jury Duty Outfit for women13


↓12 – For A Modern Day Look

Jury Duty Outfit for women14


↓11 – How to Dress For Summer Jury Duty

If you have decided to wear a dress, make sure that it is below your knees to suit the court environment. It can be checkered or even a simple one, whichever you like best. Here are 27 Ways to Wear Shirt Dress in Different Ways

Jury Duty Outfit for women15


↓10 – Frills For Stylish Look

Jury Duty Outfit for women16


↓9 – Checkered Pants Look Fantastic

Jury Duty Outfit for women17


↓8 – For A Professional Look

Jury Duty Outfit for women18


↓7 – Loafers For Women

When deciding shoes to go with your outfit, keep in mind that shoes that cover your toes are preferred. Flip flops and sandals are a big no!

Jury Duty Outfit for women19


↓6 – How to Dress for Jury Duty in Winters

Do check out these 20 Ways to Wear Long Coats This Winter.

Jury Duty Outfit for women20


↓5 – Culottes Are The New In Thing

Jury Duty Outfit for women21


↓4 – How to Wear Jeans for Jury Duty

Here are 20 Best Pinroll Jeans Outfits for Women.

Jury Duty Outfit for women22


↓3 – Coloured Pants Can Be Worn

Add a pop of color to the dull jury duty outfits with your colored pants.

Jury Duty Outfit for women23


↓2 – Accessories for Jury Duty

framed glasses can always add a professional touch.

Jury Duty Outfit for women24


↓1 – What Shoes to Wear For Jury Duty

These heels are your go to shoes! They look extremely classy and professional.

Jury Duty Outfit for women25


With this article, we hope to have put an end to all of your confusions and anxiety regarding your outfit for jury duty. The main thing to remember here is that the way you carry your clothes speaks volumes. A good outfit can look unimpressive if it has not been carried the right way. Similarly the simplest outfit can look super classy if you style it the right way. Be sure to choose something you are most comfortable in as comfort comes first. Do not forget to give us your feedback on this article in the comments section!

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