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How To Wear High Neck Bikini


High Neck Bikini. This trend has been around for quite some time now and it has not only been applicable to dresses and tops but also to bikinis. You read that right.

High neck bikinis give a certain level of classiness that your average scallop or string bikinis hardly ever offer. Not only that, high neck bikinis are also problem solvers. Want an added reassurance that you won’t flash your chest on everyone? High neck bikini. Want to look effortlessly cool and sporty? High neck bikini. Have to go to the grocery and the only decent clothes you brought to the beach is your coverup shorts? Use your high neck bikini as alternative crop top.

Here are some ways to wear high neck bikini this summer.

Matching solid colors

Whether it’s a neutral color or something eye-grabbing, the easiest way to wear bikini is by buying a set in one solid color. Neutrals are easily flattering on any skin tone. For bright colors, you want to consider the shade of the color: lighter hues for the fair-skinned, more matte and dark colors for those with tan or darker complexion.

high neck white high neck bikini

Bold prints

The design of the high neck bikini itself  is a stereotypical swimsuit worn by teenagers. For grown women, you want to look for a more mature print. Lay off floral prints in light hues and colors. Something boho will give a more summery feeling to your look.

boho bikini high neck
printed high neck bikini

Mix and match prints and plains

You want to look for prints that will match well with the solid color you’re wearing–or the other way around. Basically, you just have to follow the prints and plains rules that you follow with finding the perfect match for your top and bottom.

high neck bikini mix and match bold print high neck bikini

Laces and crochets for added femininity

Laces and crochet applique gives an added femininity to your swimsuit and with the matching classy effect of the design of a high neck bikini, it’s a perfect cool and chic swimsuit outfit.

crochet high neck bikini high neck mesh bikini

Mesh high neck

If you have small busts or you want to show off a bit of your cleavage in your high neck bikini, you have two options. The first one is to choose a high neck mesh bikini. This one has a mesh neckline instead of an opaque material. It shows of your cleavage in a subtle sweetheart kind of way.

caged high neck bikini high neck bikini white

Peeking hole

The second option mentioned above is a little peek-hole on the cleavage. It gives an alluring look to you and it is dressy enough for strolling by the beach. The high neckline also supports your chest while showing off the cleavage.

high neck bikini with slit high neck bikini slit

As an alternative crop top

Th great thing about high neck bikinis is that because of how similar they look with fitted crop tops–with the material they were made of as the only difference–it can easily be used as an alternative crop top.

high neck bikini top and shorts high neck bikini and skirt

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