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How to Use Multani Mitti for Acne?


Multani Mitti for acne

Struggling from an acne filled skin? Clear, glowing and wholesome skin seems like a farfetched dream. Really do not worry any more quite ladies. We have a long term remedy to your problem which will consider out the acne from the roots. The remedy is fullers’ earth renowned is aware of as multani mitti between the Indians.

Acne is a dilemma suffered by 80% of the girls and women. As kids we all needed to increase up into adults to achieve freedom in our existence. But who knew the rosy cheeks in the childhood would pave way to pimples and acne as we grow up?Women in the teenage face the dilemma of acne. Even the elders 1 does face it. Let’s hold it simple. What prospects to the issue and what can be carried out to cure it?

i) It would look like a stereotype response but it is water. Yes, you heard of it. Most of us ignore consuming it in our teenage or in the 20s but we frequently tend to fail to remember its magical properties. Consuming 3-4 litres water is mandatory to sustain the glow of the skin as it keeps us hydrated. Additionally the liquid helps the harmful toxins and undesired articles to move out of the body and hence we can obtain clearer skin.

ii) Secondly do keep away from oily and fried as a lot as achievable. It would be incorrect to say to leave it totally. But try to consume much less of them. If you tend to consume fried constantly, eat some fresh fruits and juice as nicely so that the healthier stability is maintained.

There are a variety of all-natural elements accessible which can be employed to deal with acne. One of them is Multani mitti. It soothes and calms the skin. It has properties which can squeeze out the oil of the acne/pimple, therefore speeding up the recovery procedure.

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Multani mitti encounter packs:

1) Multani earthen pack: for oily skin.


one tea spoon Multani mitti

Water to make a smooth paste


Combine the above ingredient and apply the paste all in excess of the face, hold it for 5 minutes.

Massage the paste in circular motions for 5 minutes. Please make positive that you do not squeeze the pimple as it might leave the mark. Then wash off the encounter, pat it dry, application of a moisturiser is a should even if you have an oily skin.

2) Multani lemon rose pack: From standard to mixture to dry skin


1-two spoon Multani mitti
one tea spoon lemon juice
one-two tea spoon rose water


Make a smooth paste out the ingredients talked about above. Apply it all above the face evenly and preserve it for twenty minutes, till it dries. Wash off the encounter with lukewarm or cold water.

3. Multani mitti can also be applied to the scars and acne straight alternatively of applying to the whole encounter if one particular is running out of time.

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Couple of tips right after and just before application of a home mask:

• Moisturising the skin is a should.
• Face ought to be clean just before application of any mask.
• A minor dampen skin/face is desirable.
• Take away the face pack as quickly as it dries out. Really don’;t hold it for also extended
• Lukewarm water is advantageous for cleansing of encounter.

Multani mitti is known for its astringent and cleansing properties. Along with acne it can also be used for skin and hair. It supplies actually glowing, smooth and wholesome skin. Most of the western countries are not at all conscious of this solution and its inherent properties.

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