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How To Dress Nautical Design and Not Look Like a Kid


There’s so many reasons for one to wear nautical-inspired outfits. For one, the weather is warmer. It’s a great idea to stroll by the coast or even in the streets wearing a cute outfit. Celebrity style icons like Taylor Swift and the Duchess of Cambridge has the style down to pat. Also, nautical style outfits give a bit of fun and a bit of classiness without loosing the feel of spring/summer.

The problem with nautical style is that, when done wrong, you might look like a grown-up child or an anime character and unless you’re going to a costume party, we don’t want that.

Here are key pieces you want to find to achieve a nautical-inspired outfit without looking like a kid.

The Sailor Colors – So the typical sailor colors are navy blue (obviously), white, red and (sometimes) black. Black isn’t entirely necessary when there is already navy blue in your outfit since the navy blue can do great. For red, you can choose from something dark or bright but stay out of those with purplish hue like burgundy or maroon. And if you want, you can also go out of the sartorial convention and wear something that’s not a sailor color. Actress and fashion darling Diane Kruger did that and her pink nautical dress was beyond fabulous and feminine.

nautical dress elle fanning straw hat outfit

pink sailor dress

Stripes and Buttons –
Stripes and buttons are usually associated with nautical-inspired outfits because they are typically found on navy uniforms. For stripes, you may pick a pattern with the stripes in equal thickness for a more structured look. I’ve noticed how nautical-inspired garments usually have double buttons and I think that adds to the symmetry and classy look of the outfit.

stripe dress

nautical clothes

nautical kate middleton

military skirt
Straw Hats or Sailor Caps –
I know that hats have done a gradual comeback to the fashion scene and sailor caps and straw hats will be perfect for a nautical styled outfit. Also, it’s quite hot these days so it gives an added protection to your head and hair.

straw hat

sailor cap outfit

sailor cap
Dresses and Skirts – Despite looking like a navy man you would want to look feminine and refreshing. Dresses and skirts give you that effect.  You’d want to wear one that’s flowy and breezy, not necessarily full.

sailor dress classic

long pinstripe skirt

anchor dress
Bermuda Shorts –
For those who want a cooler version of a nautical-inspired outfit, you can wear bermuda shorts instead of skirts or dresses. A bermuda shorts that is straight cut will do perfectly and is flattering for anyone. Although if you want something fit, you might want your top to be looser and made of lightweight material.

bermuda shorts

white bermuda shorts
Boat Shoes – 
Boat shoes is the shoes for sailors. And it’s not just because of its name! It’s ideal for a walk in the beach without worrying that sand might get inside your feet which is uncomfortable. And there’s the preppy/classy design of the shoes. It can be an alternative for flats and still make your outfit look feminine or it can be used instead of any other closed shoes like boots and still give a cool look. It’s practically versatile!

boat shoes blue

boat shoes

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