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How To Beat The Heat: 8 Men Summer Style Tips


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It’s so tricky to look good in summer because you should feel comfortable and not too hot and still be stylish, that’s pretty difficult. How can a guy dress up stylishly in the summer and not feel boiling? Here are some tips!

  1. Go for shoes that make you look good. Loafers, low top sneakers, Espadrilles… you have a lot of options to choose from, and forget flip flops, please.
  2. Go sockless sensibly. You can skip the socks wearing jeans, trousers or shorts but with the right shoes. Use talcum powder to dry out the feet before putting the shoes on; odor/bacteria spray to stop them smelling.
    comfortable loafers with no socks

    Forget flipflops and look for comfy and stylish loafers, they are always in trend for summer.

    white sneakers and no socks
    comfy espeadrilles with no socks

    Espadrilles will be perfect for any beach or seaside vacation.

  3. Find the right shorts. They should end just above the knee, don’t add excess bulk through cargo-like pockets and they should not be too baggy or roomy. It’s all about the shape and silhouette but, on the other hand, you don’t want them too tight.
    shorts of the right silhouette and length with no socks

    A perfect silhouette and length make these shorts ideal for any summer look.

    right white shorts and a bold shirt
    comfy shorts with a good silhouette
  4. A good shirt is a must have. Pay attention to popover ones – simply a front fastening, button-up shirt, but the placket stops around halfway down. It’s worn a bit loose, so you won’t die of heat.
    classic white shirt with a comfy fit

    A white shirt and denim shorts are a classic combo that will always be in trend.

    short sleeved men shirt
    popover short sleeved shirt
    cotton shirt
  5. Choose light fabrics. Seersucker, cotton, silk and linen are soft, lightweight and will keep you cool and absorb and lose water exceptionally quickly.
  6. Pick a more relaxed fit. Even though it sounds obvious, if the material not as close to your skin during the day it allows air to circulate more effectively, which in turn reduces sweat and overheating.
    loose silhouettes for summer
    loose V neck t shirt
    loose striped shirt
  7. Be bold. Throwing in a bright color or bold print is the perfect way to look trendy as bold men attire for warm weather is in trend.
    printed navy shorts and light blue shoes
    green shorts and a bold printed shirt

    Don’;t be afraid to be bold but mix the colors and prints right.

    turquoise shorts for a statement
    red plaid shirt and denim shorts
  8. Find fitting sunglasses. You can never go wrong with the classics: the aviators and wayfarers are a must have on your sunglasses case. With these two sunglasses models you enjoy the day at the beach playing volleyball or grabbing a mid-day coffee with style.
    men aviators sunglasses

    Such glasses will fit any situation and any outfit, they are indispensable.

    men wayfarer sunglasses

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