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How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner Like A Pro


Looking at gorgeous beauty bloggers like Lauren Conrad rocking the most perfect cat-eye, I silently sigh. Is this even possible to achieve this ideal wing? It seems like it requires a surgical level of precision that I don’t have. Gladly, I found some very useful tips to share so we could discover simple yet clever ways to perfect our liquid liner technique. Note this:

  1. Don’t rush. Take enough time to work with your naturally curved eyelids.

  2. Try different applicators. Some like the felt tip, some do better with a brush. Find what suits you!

  3. Understand your eye shape. Eyes and lids comes in different shapes and sizes and you need to figure out what type of winged look works well for you. Bold and thick? Graphic and thin?

Read a few more tips at and practice, practice, practice!

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