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How To Accessorize Your Swimsuit in a Perfect Way


While purchasing a new bikini can be fun and exciting, the most exciting part is wearing it out to the beach or the pool. Once you’ve selected the right bikini for your body type and skin tone, the time has come to choose the proper accessories. Luckily, you can save money on a number of these items when you shop at the best stores such as Neiman Marcus, so be sure to read on and learn more about how to accessorize your swimsuit.

  1. Hats

If its bikini weather, that means the sun will be shining brightly. If you want to avoid sunburning your face and neck, choose a simple wide brimmed hat to pair with your bikini. After all, you need to keep your delicate facial skin protected.
Designers beach Hats for women

  1. Sunglasses

They should obviously be worn to keep the eyes protected from harmful UV rays, but sunglasses can add a hint of stylish flair to a beach outfit. You can choose from a huge number of different designs as there are a multitude of colors and styles available. By getting the right sunglasses, you can provide additional depth to your beach ensemble!

newyork fashion week sunglasses (3)
  1. Necklaces

Most women already have a beautiful necklace or two lying in their jewelry drawer and a simple choker will look great in tandem with your bikini during beach season. A delicate golden piece also works wonders. Women who want to project an aura of charm and grace while they are modeling their new swimwear typically choose an understated necklace to wear with their new bikini.

Stylish Necklaces For Teenage Girls
  1. Hair Clips/Earrings

Hair clips are especially versatile, as they can be purchased in a number of different colors and stylistic arrangements, allowing you to customize your bikini based ensemble. As an added bonus: you are able to keep your neck cool and dry.
What earrings to wear with short hairs (8)

As for the earrings, the smaller they are, the better. Don’t wear large earrings that can get caught and tangled while you’re in the water. A simple post is your best bet if you are trying to avoid being too ostentatious.

  1. Adding Rings/Bracelets

While you should never overdo it with the rings, one or two small, tasteful pieces provide a certain level of artistry. Bracelets should be treated in the same manner, as they can provide a tasteful embellishment to the outfit when they are chosen in a judicious manner.

  1. Grab a Pair of Sandals

Grabbing a pair of shoes to add to your beach day outfit lets you express your own unique individuality. You can choose between slide on sandals, flip flops and slip-ons. When you’re looking to make a bold fashion statement during a trip to the beach, pairing the right sandals with a micro bikini will turn heads for all of the right reasons.

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