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Gentle DIY Floral Crown For Spring


Flowers are the most popular things that associate with spring! Do you agree with us? So let’s add them to your spring look! You’ll need 20 to 30 flowers with stems (daisies, wildflowers, roses, baby’s breath), a bit of leafy greenery, green cloth floral wire, green floral tape and thin green floral wire. First of all wrap a piece of the cloth floral wire around your head to determine the proper size and cut a piece twice as long with an additional 2 inches for twisting. Now make a double loop the size of your head for extra sturdiness, and form it into an oval shape that’s comfortable for you to wear. Then twist the loose ends around the loop to secure. Reinforce the front and sides by twisting small pieces of the thin floral wire around the double loop in a few places. The rest of the tutorial is here.

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