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Fairy cupcakes with butter icing and lemon zest – recipe


Fairy cupcakes with butter icing and lemon zest
Oh yes, the Jubilee fun shows no signs of wearing thin here at beautybeelondon towers. My favourite fairy cake recipe has been given a Jubilee twist (admittedly, a fairly obvious one – cases and icing) as Mr. BB and I get ready to head over to Leyton to celebrate with O and B.
This fairy cake recipe  originates from the master of culinary himself, Jamie Oliver. You can read the original recipe here. This is, in the words of all 5 years olds (or so it was back in the day), easy peasy lemon squeezy. I am a dreadful cook (as evidenced in my icing later on), but even I seem to be able to whip these up with success – so put on your pinny and get baking!
Jamie Oliver Fairy cakes recipe
Heat your oven to 180 degrees. Mix 225 grams of unsalted butter at room temperature and 225 grams of caster sugar and beat with a wooden spoon until light and fluffly. This is vital. Previously I have been a little lazy at this stage, but a bit of elbow grease really pays dividends – put your back into it people!
making Fairy cupcakes
fairy cakes recipe
Once light and fluffy, it is time to beat in the eggs. You will need 4 large eggs in total. Add the eggs one at a time and beat well before you add the next.
Fairy cupcakes dough fairy cakes with lemon zest
Next, sift in 225 grams of self-raising flour and add the zest of one lemon. Fold the mixture together.
how to make Fairy cupcakes with butter icing
Add the mixture to your fairy cake cases. This recipe makes approximately 12 large fairy cakes, and 18 smaller ones.
Bake for 15 minutes and voilà!
Fairy cupcakes with lemon zest
Next, it’s icing time. This is such a brilliant cake as it leaves us with a wealth of icing options. If I was more culinary and artistic minded, I would have come up with something to rival the Hummingbird Bakery, but as I’m not, butter icing and food colouring will have to do. Red, white and blue icing of course. These are patriotic fairy cakes after all.
Fairy cupcakes with butter icing

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